ABB Launches Literacy Course for Women in Rural Areas

ABB Launches Literacy Course for Women in Rural Areas

ABB Launches Literacy Course for Women in Rural Areas

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality launched a literacy course for illiterate women in rural areas. A reading festival was organized for 26 female members between the ages of 84-14 who attended the course implemented by the Department of Women's and Family Services and started at Çubuk Women's Club. Women who sang the National Anthem experienced emotional moments.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality added a new one to its 'women-friendly' practices.

Continuing to focus on education projects in the capital, the Metropolitan Municipality has started literacy and learning courses for illiterate women, especially in rural areas.

Women between the ages of 26-84 showed great interest in the course, which was implemented by the Department of Women's and Family Services at Çubuk Women's Club in September.


The women members, who read various poems, especially the National Anthem, experienced emotional moments at the 'Reading Feast', which was organized for the first time for women who could not read and write.

Director of Çubuk Women's Club Derya Yalgı shared the following information about the purpose of the course:

“Women in rural areas applied to us and told us that they were illiterate and therefore the difficulties they experienced in social life. We opened the literacy course academy to support our women. 26 women aged 84-14 learned to read and write here. They worked hard for 5 months. In return for their efforts, we held our first reading festival today. Many of the students surprised me with their effort. They keep coming for 5 hours 2 days a week without giving up. We are trying to give all the support we can. We are also proud to be involved in this project.”


Expressing their thoughts with the words "Reading is freedom" and proving that there is no age to read, the female members expressed their happiness with the following words:

Turkan Uzoglu (56): “I'm telling everyone here. It was very difficult to live without knowing the name of the street you entered and the name of the place you went to. I was dependent on my wife or someone else. I am very happy that I learned to read and write. Reading is about life. From now on, I can go anywhere alone.”

Seyide Büyükkafadar (66): “I have wanted to read since I was a child. They shed light on us. We didn't even know the letters. It is an honor to learn to read and write at this age.”

Eda Nur Turk (27): “I learned to read and write. It was very enjoyable to come here every day and learn to read. I am very happy that I learned to read and write.”

Gülbeyaz Yılık (84): “I really wanted to read. There is no age limit for reading, we can always read. I am determined, I was eager to learn to read myself. Let those who can't read make an effort and learn. Thank you to everyone who gave us this opportunity.”

Makbule Arslan (42): “Knowing how to read and write is a great feeling. There were job opportunities, but I could not get a job because I did not know how to read and write. I wanted to go somewhere and couldn't go alone, but now I can go alone. I was embarrassed when I asked someone a question. I did it, anyone can do it.”

The literacy course, which started in September, will continue until June. The Department of Women and Family Services will continue to open literacy courses in line with the future demand.

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