What are the must-see places in Datça? What Will Meet You in Datça Holiday Resort?

Datca Holiday
Datca Holiday

Tourists who do not like the noisy hustle and bustle of resorts, as well as people who love nature, almost untouched by man, will feel comfortable here. You can admire the local sparkling coves for hours. It is especially beautiful at night in Datça. The night starry sky here is so beautiful that you can stare at it all night and forget about the dream. The beautiful nature, the coves devoid of vegetation and the clear sea characterize Datça. There are fifty-two beautiful bays around the peninsula. Datça – Marmaris road truly fascinates with its magnificent beauty.

Datça is known for its honey, almonds, organic vegetables and, of course, fish products. There is also a beautiful underwater world, which is very attractive to divers. It is worth noting that the weather here is perfect and the humidity in this area is almost zero, so all doctors recommend this area for people with respiratory and heart problems to relax. Legend has it that when smallpox was an incurable disease in ancient Rome, wealthy aristocrats who contracted the disease embarked on their final voyage after equipping a ship. Tired, they landed on the shores of the Datça Peninsula and decided to stay here forever. One can only imagine how surprised other Roman travelers were when, a few years later, they found the doomed to be alive and well. It is believed that they transform themselves into a healthy person thanks to the local climate.

“In the works of the distinguished historian Strabo, if a person somehow seeks the patronage of the gods, kazanHe wrote that he would be sent to this Datça peninsula as a reward for living a long life there”.

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Places to Visit in Datça

Mediterranean (in the south Hizaronu Bay) and the Aegean Sea (in the north Gulf of GokovaSeventy-five kilometers southwest of Marmaris on a picturesque narrow peninsula, which is the natural border between ) is the quiet fishing town of Datça. It is surrounded by sea on three sides. Fishermen mostly lived here and their families made a living by fishing. kazanthey were. Along the peninsula, there are roads leading to the ruins of the city of Knidos.

Datça beach is currently one of the most beautiful places to visit in Turkey due to its fascinating sea. After all, it is not for nothing that this place is called the Turkish Riviera. Datça can even compete with the coasts of France in terms of the number of yachts here. They can be seen everywhere from Marmaris to Bodrum. In addition, there are characteristic cultural structures that determine certain features and style of rest, away from mass tourism. This is where the so-called "Blue Voyages" of those traveling by sea originate, due to the turquoise color of the local waters.

Everything looks quite romantic: all week tourists take walks on local wooden sailing boats (gulets) along the coast, stopping at the most famous historical places, where a large number of Roman, Greek, Lycian, Byzantine and other ruins are concentrated. One of these places is the ancient Greek Tekir region, where you can learn about the features of ancient Greek city planning: Dionysus temple, amphitheater ve market square Even in ruins it is worth seeing. Compact gulets enter incredibly beautiful and picturesque lagoons, where you can swim in complete solitude.

You can also enjoy life on the beach, thanks to coniferous forests, the air here ranks third on the planet in terms of oxygen concentration in it, and local fish restaurants are not at all inferior to Italian restaurants. Here, wine lovers are waiting for a great discovery. You must try local wines, the taste of which will change the minds of foreign winemakers.

Relaxing here is always appreciated as the water is very clean. You can relax in peace and quiet in the untouched coves with golden sandy beaches in Datça. These beaches are worth swimming. Kargi BayYou should definitely visit.

You can go to nearby villages and take a walk. It is located 3 kilometers from the center of Datça. Reşadiye It's good to have a look at your location. You will see Turkish stone houses there.

Fully sincerely recommended boat trips in the west port will really make you enjoy the whole day. Usually boats Knidos ancient city Bonito, Pig Pit ve Mesudiye stops by and makes three stops for a swim.

Boat tour in Datça is an activity preferred by everyone on holiday. Datca boat tours You can see the tour companies that offer the best service on the page. Daily, overnight or weekly boat trips will allow you to discover Datça bays.

It is very pleasant to walk on the peninsula, enjoying the silence, the mountains, the seaside and the scent of fruit. The road passes over the hill, so that the neighboring Greek islands can be seen very clearly. The path is adorned with olive and tangerine groves.

In total, there are more than 50 coves with excellent beaches on the peninsula. If we talk directly about the beaches of the resort, some of them were awarded the Blue Flag, which means that everything is in perfect order with cleanliness and infrastructure. Most of the beaches are sandy, some hotels at the foot of the mountains have specially equipped wooden pontoons. There are many beaches that are very difficult to reach: you have to cross by boat, and then go through a narrow forest road or a dangerous road. Although in the end the efforts spent will be fully rewarded with a wonderful holiday.

One of the most popular beaches of the resort of Karaincir It is a sandy beach. All kinds of water activities are offered on this beach, the beach infrastructure is quite developed, showers, toilets, cafes, etc. are available. Admission to these and many other beaches of the resort is usually free, but you will have to pay extra for umbrellas, sun loungers and other beach equipment.

It cannot be said that there are many places to visit in and around the city, but there is something to see. The prominent feature of the city is the ancient quarters in the city. Here you can see beautiful mosques as well as houses built in the traditional Ottoman style. The most beautiful mosque in the region is located in the village of the same name, seven kilometers from the town. Hızırşah Mosque(you can go there on your own or with a guided tour).

About 40 kilometers from the city, where tourists from all over Turkey come to see Kindos There are ruins of the ancient city. It is believed that the city was built in honor of the goddess Aphrodite. Of the surviving objects, you can see an hourglass designed by the mathematician Eudoxus, as well as a heart-shaped street with marble columns (in ancient times the statue of Aphrodite was the decoration of this street).

It is an interesting sight that attracts tourists with its windmills even near the resort. get angry dark has. Tourists usually visit Marmaris and Marmaris at the same time as the village. İçmeler'I buys or rents a car to visit (one will suffice for such a trip).

Datça is a very quiet holiday resort, not the type to get caught up in noisy parties and enchanting entertainment. Also, the holiday will not please the resort with exciting shopping, but you can buy souvenirs, sweets, clothes and the like. On local beaches tourists are offered a standard set of water activities; Yachtsmen from all over the world also come here. The rich underwater world offers excellent diving opportunities (there are several diving schools on site). Sea excursions and walks are also very popular.

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