Turkey's Youngest Registered Karagöz Artist Staged His First Play

Turkey's Youngest Registered Karagöz Artist Staged His First Play
Turkey's Youngest Registered Karagöz Artist Staged His First Play

Bursalı Hasan Mert Karakaş, who managed to become Turkey's youngest registered Karagöz artist (his dream), staged the first play he wrote and prepared for children at the Metropolitan Municipality Karagöz Museum.

by the Metropolitan Municipality kazanKaragöz Museum continues to be one of the children's favorite cultural venues. At the center where children and adults meet with Hacivat and Karagöz, there is an example of how important the master-apprentice relationship is. Hasan Mert Karakaş, who has been interested in the Hacivat-Karagöz shadow play since he was 9 years old, recently got the right to become a registered Karagöz artist by entering the interviews conducted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. kazanwas. Becoming the youngest Karagöz artist in Turkey and Bursa, Karakaş also achieved the title of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Carrier. 20-year-old Hasan Mert Karakaş, who achieved great success, staged his first play, 'Karagöz Dreams Realm', at the Karagöz Museum. Children and adults show great interest in the game; Values ​​such as being a good person, not being selfish and lying were explained to art lovers.

Hasan Mert Karakaş, who said that he was very happy to receive the title of Intangible Cultural Heritage Carrier of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism at a young age, stated that he met this art at the age of 9 at the Karagöz Museum. Explaining that he attended the 'description making and playing' courses opened by BUSMEK, Karakaş said that he took lessons from his masters Tayfun Özer and Osman Ezgi. Karakaş said, “I am a Karagöz artist at the Karagöz Museum. I am excited to stage my first play, 'Karagöz Dreams Realm'. In the game, we teach children and adults lessons such as being a good person, not being selfish, not lying.

Karakaş said that he started shadow plays as a hobby and started to like the profession more as he took lessons from the masters and went to the courses, “This art is multifaceted. It contains many elements such as music, theater, drama. Its versatility impressed me. That's why I'm dealing with this art. Due to cinema and television, the art of Hacivat and Karagöz fell a little behind. The number of interested people has dwindled. I think that young people should take this art forward. I will also contribute to the development of art by training apprentices.”

Expressing that everyone can learn lessons from it after watching the Karagöz play, Karakaş said, “Children who have watched the show once may want to watch it over and over again. Therefore, families should take their children to the Karagöz show. My aim is to raise the art of Karagöz from its current position to higher levels. I want the people of Bursa to embrace Hacivat and Karagöz more, come to the Karagöz Museum and watch the plays as a family. I'm sure the anecdotes will touch a point in their lives," he said.

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