Igloos Built by Gendarmerie and Police in Hakkari Color the Snow Festival

Igloos Built by Gendarmerie and Police in Hakkari Color the Snow Festival
Igloos Built by Gendarmerie and Police in Hakkari Color the Snow Festival

In Hakkari, igloos (snow houses) built by Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) teams and Special Operations Police attract the attention of visitors at the snow festival held in the city.

The 4th Snow Festival, organized in Merga Bütan Ski Center with the support of the Governor's Office, Municipality, Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism and Eastern Anatolia Development Agency (DAKA), continues in order to develop the city's winter and nature tourism.

The festival, which will last for 2.800 days in the center of the city at an altitude of 2, will be the scene of colorful scenes with concerts of famous artists, folklore performances and dances.

In the festival area, igloos with a height of 3 meters and 8 meters for 25 people, made by JAK teams affiliated to the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, and igloos for 6 people, 2 meters in diameter and 20 meters 24 centimeters in height, made by the Special Operations Police by cutting hard snow blocks and knitting, attracted attention from the festival participants.

Our citizens sat in igloos with snow seats, a coffee table and candles, and Turkish flags and balloons were hung at the entrance, together with the security forces. sohbet wished him success in his duties.

Visitors, who also liked Linda, the search and rescue dog of the Gendarmerie, who was brought in front of the igloo and attracted attention with her affectionate demeanor, immortalized the moment by taking photos.

Igloos Get Intense Interest

Governor and Deputy Mayor, Mr. İdris Akbıyık also drank tea in the igloos he visited with his wife Sevim Akbıyık and the protocol members.

the festival; Stating that the tradesmen, the Gendarmerie, the Police Forces, some other public institutions, non-governmental organizations and our citizens attended, Mr. Akbıyık said, “The igloos are very nice. Big and different from the previous ones. It adds color to the festival. It also attracts a lot of attention. We say that there is life in Hakkari.” used the phrases.

İrem Öztürk, who came to Hakkari for the festival from Istanbul, also stated that the atmosphere was nice and pleasant and said, “I encountered a scene far beyond what I expected. Everything looks beautiful. Our security forces are working very well. They provide us with a peaceful environment. Thank you very much to all of them. The inside of the igloos is also very beautiful. We took lots of photos. It will remain a good memory.” he said.

Ayşe Duran, a ski coach from Kayseri, also stated that the people loved the festival despite the foggy and cold weather, adding that the igloos added color to the event and it was held very successfully.

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