Dams Providing Drinking Water to Istanbul Are Completely Filled

Dams Providing Drinking Water to Istanbul Are Completely Filled
Dams Providing Drinking Water to Istanbul Are Completely Filled

Blessings rained down on Istanbul. Dam occupancy rates reached record levels. So much so that Elmalı and Strandja, two of the dams that provide drinking water to Istanbul, are completely full. The occupancy rate was 100 percent. The occupancy rate of the Ömerli dam in Istanbul has reached 94 percent.

Rainy weather also brought abundance. Occupancy rates in Istanbul dams reached record levels. Some of the dams are 100 percent full. According to İSKİ data, the rainfall in the last two weeks increased the dam occupancy rates in Istanbul from 54.64 percent to 76.84 percent. The amount of available water increased to 667,46 million cubic meters. This rate was 389 million cubic meters in the same months last year.


Elmalı and Istrancalar dams, one of the drinking water sources of Istanbulites, are full. The occupancy rate of Ömerli, the largest dam in Istanbul, has reached 94 percent. Thus, the occupancy rate of the dams increased from 14 percent to 54.64 percent in the last 76.84 days. Last year, the occupancy rate was 44.78 percent.

The occupancy rates of the dams are as follows;

  • Alibeykoy: 66,17
  • Buyukcekmece: 71,43
  • Stenosis: 74,32
  • Apple: 100
  • Strands: 100
  • Kazandere: 87,49
  • Omerli: 94,37
  • Pabuçdere: 85,88
  • Sazlidere: 44,95
  • Terkos: 71,03


With the increase in precipitation, the dams increased by 1 percent in the last 8.63 day. The amount of water available in Istanbul dams has reached 667,46 million cubic meters. Last year, this figure remained at 389 million cubic meters. Istanbul consumed a record level of water with 3 million 484 thousand 386 cubic meters in August last year. While the current figures increase the probability that Istanbulites will have a comfortable year in terms of drinking water, they also remind us of the importance of water saving.

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