The Construction Distorting The Silhouette Of The Süleymaniye Mosque Has Been Sealed

The Construction Distorting The Silhouette Of The Süleymaniye Mosque Has Been Sealed
The Construction Distorting The Silhouette Of The Süleymaniye Mosque Has Been Sealed

IMM sealed the construction of the dormitory, which adversely affected the silhouette of Sulaymaniyah, after the district municipality did not take any official action within the time allowed. Due to the fact that the application was not stopped, the IMM teams, which issued the Yapı Holiday report, stopped the construction work.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) sealed the construction, which affects the appearance of the Süleymaniye Mosque and continues in violation of the current zoning plan. The action carried out by the IMM Zoning Director Ramazan Gülten and the IMM Constabulary teams was carried out at the end of the time given to the district municipality to stop the current practice. Providing information about the process, Ramazan Gülten said that they had to intervene due to the findings that it was not in accordance with the conditions of the zoning plan and the project was not approved by IMM.


Noting that they wanted the necessary actions to be taken from Fatih Municipality in a letter, Gülten noted that they stopped the construction due to the lack of action with the authorization from the Metropolitan Municipality Law. Making a statement about the continuation of the process, Gülten said, “The next process will be decided by the committee. The council will take a decision and we will give a one-month period to the concerned. We will demand that the necessary legal conditions be brought into compliance with the legislation. If it is not done, we will have to take the decision of demolition," he said.


IMM determined that the preliminary project of the construction area, which was approved on June 25, 2021, was not approved. Upon detection, the Conservation, Implementation and Inspection Branch Directorate (KUDEB) asked the Conservation Regional Board No. 3 to stop the work on February 2022, 4. On the same date, the IMM Directorate of Reconstruction wrote to Fatih District Municipality to stop the current practice. In the official correspondence, it was requested that the construction license be canceled, that the construction activities should not be allowed to continue in order to avoid irreparable situations, and that the information and documents regarding the transactions should be submitted to IMM within 3 (three) days. It was reminded that if no official action is taken, the necessary legal actions will be applied in accordance with the Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 5216.


In the letter written to the Conservation Regional Board No. 4, it was underlined that the Island Preliminary Project was not approved by the IMM President, that production was started before the approval process was completed, and that the building in question was located in the Süleymaniye region within the UNESCO World and Heritage area. In addition to these reasons, an emergency stop was requested due to the fact that it remains in the Urban Archaeological Site and negatively affects the silhouette of the Süleymaniye Mosque in its current form.

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