Frightening Warning from Earthquake Expert: Anyone With Sense Should Go From Marmara

Frightening Warning from the Earthquake Expert, Let the Sane One Go From Marmara
Frightening Warning from the Earthquake Expert, Let the Sane One Go From Marmara

Istanbul Technical University Geology Engineer Prof. Dr. Cenk Yaltırak pointed out that the necessary precautions were not taken and said, “I suggest another remedy, anyone in their right mind should leave Marmara. Let him not leave any property, let him shake them all while they all have value," he said.

Speaking at the conference on "Marmara Earthquakes from Past to Future" jointly organized by the Municipality, City Council and Onyedi Eylül University in Bandırma, Balıkesir, Prof. Dr. Cenk Yaltırak warned that the Marmara region is at risk of earthquakes and said, "If you do not take precautions, leave Marmara and your home."

“Let Anyone With Their Sense Go From Marmara”

Prof Dr Cenk Yaltirak
Prof Dr Cenk Yaltırak

Saying that if you do not take precautions and measures against the earthquake, leave Marmara and your homes and go. Dr. Yaltırak said, “We come and see that the hall is empty. So we are willing to die. We agree. The worst part is that the doctor agrees. The doctor left us at the table. Then I suggest another remedy, any sane person should go from Marmara. Let it not leave any property, let it shake all of them while they all have value. For himself, for his family, for his children. No, I can't leave here, these are all stories. Just as you feel obliged to receive chemotherapy when you have cancer, this is something like this. It's a bad thing, but it's true. So don't run away from the truth, face the truth. Take precautions, take precautions. You will renew, if you cannot renew, let go. Don't die. He didn't buy a coffin, we bought a house. Renters should never live. If there is moisture, if the columns have taken water, if the lowest floors have taken moisture, if it has become like cauliflower, then your walls do not sit. The building has rotted from the inside. You are not helpless, you do the real helplessness yourself. Take precautions, follow the science correctly," he said.

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