TAF Receives The First Modernized Armored Combat Vehicle

TAF Receives The First Modernized Armored Combat Vehicle
TAF Receives The First Modernized Armored Combat Vehicle

The first modernized with an intensive design and integration work in cooperation with Aselsan-FNSS. Armored Combat Vehicle (ZMA) is delivered

İsmail Demir, President of the Presidency of Defense Industries, met with television and newspaper representatives in Ankara to convey the 2021 evaluation and 2022 projects. It was stated that among the targets of the Presidency of Defense Industries in 2022, the first Armored Combat Vehicle – ZMA, which has been modernized and integrated with an unmanned weapon turret, will be delivered.

The first prototype of the ZMA in the Armored Combat Vehicle Modernization Project initiated for the Land Forces Command. Fire tests of the modernization were also carried out in May 2021. Vehicle driving and firing tests were carried out successfully on the preliminary prototype ZMA, which was produced in cooperation with ASELSAN - FNSS Defense. Within the scope of the project, 133 ZMA vehicles will be equipped with domestic and original solutions, modern weapon systems and high-tech mission equipment, their survivability will be significantly increased and their service life will be extended.

Armored Combat Vehicle – ZMA Modernization

A main contractor agreement of 31 million Turkish Liras was signed between the Presidency of Defense Industry Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and ASELSAN on 2019 December 900 for the Armored Combat Vehicle (ZMA) Modernization Project to meet the needs of the Land Forces Command. Within the scope of the Armored Combat Vehicle-ZMA Modernization Project, the ASELSAN Main Contractor will carry out the renovation and improvement activities of the ZMAs, 25 mm NEFER Weapon Turret, Laser Warning System, Close Range Surveillance System, Driver Vision System, Direction Finding and Navigation System, Commander, Gunner, Personnel and Driver Dashboards will be integrated.

Within the scope of the project, the subcontractor FNSS will carry out maintenance and repair activities on the ZMA platforms, the Air Conditioning System, Heating System, Fire Extinguishing and Explosion Suppression System subsystems will be integrated into the platforms, and armor and mine protection levels will be increased.

In addition to the modern weapon systems and high-tech mission equipment to be integrated into the vehicles in the ZMA Project, the Armor and Mine Protection levels of the vehicles will be increased, thereby significantly increasing the survivability and striking power of the ZMAs on the battlefield.

PULAT AKS and dehumanization package from ASELSAN to ACV-15

In the operations in Syria, apart from the tanks in the TAF inventory, the ACV-15 Armored Combat Vehicle (ZMA) also needed modernization. Based on these needs, a contract was signed with ASELSAN main and FNSS subcontractor.

In the project in question; ASELSAN will offer the NEFER 25 mm weapon system, which it has developed specifically for armored combat vehicles, to the Land Forces Command. In addition, ASELSAN systems, which it developed especially within the scope of the ALTAY Project and integrated into the tanks within the scope of the M60 FIRAT Project, and its sub-systems such as armor, protective lining, mine protection, Automatic Fire Extinguishing System, Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear System, Air Conditioning, etc. under the responsibility of the contractor and will integrate it into the vehicles as the responsible of all systems.

Within the scope of the project, ASELSAN will conduct self-sourced technology demonstration studies on the unmanned land vehicle application and the integration of the PULAT Active Protection System (AKS). The ZMA Modernization project has a special place as ASELSAN is responsible for the management of all armored vehicles activities.

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