Nostalgic Tram and Free Ring Period Begins in Bolu City Center

Nostalgic Tram and Free Ring Period Begins in Bolu City Center
Nostalgic Tram and Free Ring Period Begins in Bolu City Center

Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan gave the good news. The period of nostalgic tram and free ring begins in the city center of Bolu. Tram and free ring service, which is one of the election promises of Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan, will start next week.

Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan gave the good news of tram and ring to the people of Bolu.

Here is the free ring route

Özcan, who shared the details of 2 projects that will make the lives of Bolians easier at the press conference he held, said, “I want to share a good news with our citizens. I said this when I was a candidate in the 2009 elections, it's the first time. This promise was delayed due to Covid-19, there were other reasons as well. Free ring line… Its total length is 4 kilometers, it starts behind the Anıt Park, continues from the Governor's Office, enters Cumhuriyet Street from the military district. It continues from there, from the PTT station, in front of Köroğlu TV, from the Center Stations to the Yukarı Çarşı. Then, on İsmet Paşa Street, after the Forestry Management Directorate, this 50-kilometer line is completed, including the Bahçelievler Police Station, the 4th Year Primary School, then the Governor's Mansion and again behind the Anıt Park.” said.

tools ready

Noting that they purchased the vehicles that will provide free service on the 4 kilometer long line, Özcan said, “This line will be completely free of charge. We got our vehicles. The final dressings are being made, we are starting this service next week. These vehicles take 30 people standing and sitting. Getting on and off is very easy. Close to six places. Vehicles that our disabled citizens can also use.” he said.

Making evaluations about the route choices, Özcan said, “The points where this line passes are always central. The points where the workplaces are busy and the points that make it compulsory for the citizens to come by car. We started this application so that our citizens can do their shopping comfortably in the Upper Bazaar, on İsmet Paşa Street, İzzet Baysal Street and Cumhuriyet Street.” used the expressions.

Tram is coming to İzzet Baysal Street

Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan also gave the good news of the nostalgic tram at the meeting. Explaining that they will put a nostalgic tram between Anıtpark and İzzet Baysal Street, Özcan said, “We are putting a nostalgic tram on the part from İzzet Baysal Street, which is closed to Anıtpark, to the front of the municipality. It will provide completely free service. He will only come from Anıt Park to the front of the municipality and return. Initially, its number will be 1. Then we will increase it to 2. We will try to ensure that our elderly, disabled and citizens with walking difficulties can benefit from this service free of charge.

“We expect name suggestions from our citizens”

Özcan, who also asked the people of Bolu to suggest names for 4 buses and trams, said, “We want to name our four buses and trams. Our citizens who have name suggestions on this subject can call 444 26 58 and find name suggestions. They can also post these name suggestions on the Instagram and Facebook social media of our Bolu Municipality. We also have names in mind, but we want to ask our citizens. ” he said.

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