Mordoğan's Waste Water Problem Becomes History

Mordoğan's Waste Water Problem Becomes History
Mordoğan's Waste Water Problem Becomes History

Turkey's wastewater treatment leader, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate, is implementing its 70th Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mordoğan. The facility, which cost 60 million liras, is planned to be put into service in the summer season.

Continuing its work with the aim of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer to make Izmir one of the exemplary cities of life in harmony with nature, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its purification investments without interruption. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate, which maintains its leadership in Turkey with the number of treatment plants and advanced biological treatment rate, has come to an end in the treatment investment that Mordoğan initiated to solve the wastewater problem. An investment of 70 million TL was made for the Mordoğan Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant, which will serve as İzmir's 60th wastewater treatment plant. The facility, which was built on an area of ​​17 thousand square meters in the Sulucadere region, will treat 11 thousand cubic meters of wastewater per day. Waste water to be treated with advanced biological method will be disposed of by deep sea discharge without harming the nature. I will deodorize the facility and there will also be a SCADA system.

Opens in the summer season

Mordoğan Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant will be put into service after the completion of the sea discharge line construction, which is under construction, in the summer months. With the commissioning of the facility, the 65-kilometer new sewerage network, the construction of which was completed with an investment of 110 million lira, will also be activated. The facility will treat the wastewater of Mordoğan centre, Ardıç, Çatalkaya, Yenicepınar and Old Mordoğan Village.

“Soyer is the cure for all our problems”

Mordoğan Headman Şaban Ok, who stated that they are happy for the treatment plant investment, said, “I am very happy, it is my first term as a headman. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the project, especially Tunç Soyer, my president. He added added value to Mordoğan.”

Cahit Yönlü, who lives in Mordoğan, said, “I have been living in Mordoğan for many years. We had huge problems, especially in terms of infrastructure. We were using a septic tank. We were having problems due to cost and smell. We are extremely happy with the investment made. We expect the facility to open as soon as possible. It's a big investment. We cannot thank our President Tunç Soyer enough.”

“Our biggest problem is solved”

Kemal Rudarlı said, “We would like to thank our President Tunç Soyer for his services. I would like to express my gratitude for making Mordoğan Mordoğan. It will be of great benefit financially and in terms of smell. It will be of great benefit.”
Oyal Niron said, “For many years, the infrastructure problem here could not be solved. Many thanks to Tunç Soyer. He has seen our biggest problem. Soyer is the cure for all our problems," he said.

3 million TL investment in Karaburun in 250 years

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has provided Karaburun district with a healthy infrastructure with the investments it has made in the last three years. With an investment of more than 18 million liras, Mordoğan Pond Drinking Water Treatment Plant and drinking water transmission lines were completed and put into service. 3 new water wells were drilled in Mordoğan Merkez, Yayla and Saip neighborhoods and the water shortage of these settlements was resolved. In order to reduce the risk of flooding on rainy days, 61 kilometers of stream were cleaned. 7 streets with an average width of 92 meters and a length of 133 kilometers were paved, 161 thousand tons of hot asphalt was laid. The surface of the 175 thousand square meter plain road (35 kilometers) was covered and the generator's face was put to smile. 107 thousand square meters (21 kilometers) of key cobblestones were laid.

Karaburun Kaynarpınar beach, Mordoğan Atatürk Street was organized. Traffic flow was relieved by arranging the intersection at the intersection of Mordoğan Namık Kemal Street and İnönü Street. Roads and sidewalks were arranged on the shores of Mordoğan Fatih Street and Yalı Street.

New investments are on the way

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its investments in the district. 5 new water wells are drilled in Küçükbahçe, Sarpıncık, Ambarseki and Saip neighborhoods. Urla İçmeler A part of 9,5 kilometers of the production within the scope of the tender for the drinking water transmission line between Cesme and Cesme started in Karaburun. A borehole will be drilled in İncecik Mahallesi. The tender process continues for the Karaburun Bozköy Pond Drinking Water Treatment Plant and the 9,4 kilometer transmission line. Project design works of the 248 kilometer drinking water line have been completed in order to connect the Yaylaköy, Küçükbahçe, Salman, Sarpıncık, Haseki, Bozköy, Esendere, İnecik, Eğlenhoca, Kösedere and Parlak districts of Karaburun to a healthy drinking water network. It is planned to go out to the construction tender in 2023. The 10-kilometer rainwater separation line, which will serve Karaburun center, İskele and Saip districts, and the 71,5-kilometer wastewater line work are also in the design phase.

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