Kocaeli's Future Transportation Investments to be Discussed

Kocaeli's Future Transportation Investments
Kocaeli's Future Transportation Investments

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality started to work on “Updating the 2040 Kocaeli Sustainable Transportation Master Plan and Logistics Master Plan”. Within the scope of the study, all transportation modes for the whole city of Kocaeli will be evaluated and future projections will be updated.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality prepared the Kocaeli Transportation Master Plan, which it started in 2009, and the plan was updated in 2014. After the completed plan, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality implemented many transportation projects, especially the tram line. Work has been initiated to re-update the prepared plan to include new transportation projects. Kaiser Mühendislik ve Müşavirlik A.Ş., whose contract was signed within the scope of the project carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation. Meetings are held regularly with the company.


Within the scope of “Updating the 2040 Sustainable Kocaeli Transportation Master Plan and Logistics Master Plan”, the Transportation Master Plan and Logistics Master Plan model data will be updated. Within the scope of the project, updating the existing data, conducting surveys of drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists, conducting roadside driver surveys, heavy vehicle focus counting and driver surveys, road speed studies, 80-hour counting at a minimum of 12 cross-section points, Transportation Master Plan Updating the Demand Model, updating the logistics model, retesting public transport and road investments in the model, testing new public transport proposals in the model, Revising the Transportation Master Plan Final Report, Revising the Logistics Master Plan Final Report, Following the AYGM Approval Process and making the necessary revisions works are included.


2040 Kocaeli Sustainable Transportation Master Plan and Logistics Master Plan Within the scope of the Transportation Model Update work, road network, public transportation network, stop, line, operation, ticket policy, signal points, phase plans, parking areas (open-closed-storey etc.), population Demographic data such as employment, employment and 2040 target year projection data will also be updated in accordance with the zoning plans.

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