Golden Forest Project is Implemented with 1 Billion 400 Thousand TL

Golden Forest Project is Implemented with 1 Billion 400 Thousand TL
Golden Forest Project is Implemented with 1 Billion 400 Thousand TL

Altın Orman Project, which will be implemented with the assurance of Kalamış Yapı for 19 years, is located on an area of ​​36 decares. The Altın Orman Project, which has signed the most prestigious real estate project in the Bornova district of İzmir, is being realized right next to the Flying Road, where transportation is no longer a problem with an investment of 1 billion 400 thousand TL.

The Altın Orman Project, where safety and comfort are prioritized, is being implemented in the most beautiful view of İzmir, where green and blue dance. In the Altın Orman Project; There are restaurants where the most popular tastes of Turkish cuisine are served, an open area that fascinates with its clean air, a market where you can reach the freshest products, and a semi-olympic pool.

30 percent of the Altın Orman Project has been sold

Stating that the project consists of 1 residences, 1,2+1+3 and 1+1215, Kalamış Yapı Chairman of the Board Nurettin Sevencan said, “The project is in the most advantageous position of İzmir in terms of transportation. We positioned it on a 38-decare land. There are residences on an area of ​​12 thousand square meters. We have determined an area of ​​26 thousand square meters as a landscape area. While planning the project, our primary goal was to ensure the comfort of those living here. That's why green and open space is much more than residential space. 80% of the residences consist of 3 blocks with sea view. 30% of the project has now been sold. We will complete our project in January 2024 and hand over the keys to the owners.” Expressing that they also fulfill their responsibilities towards nature while making the investment, Sevencan said, “In the project, where a landscape area above European standards is designed, the green area per flat decreases by 25 meters. By positioning the solar panels in the project; We paid attention to the use of clean energy by providing common area field lighting with solar panels to be made on our building terraces, and we stored rain water for the purpose of irrigating our landscape areas. A portion of the income to be obtained; We will donate 33 percent to TEGEV, 33 percent to HAYTAP and 33 percent to the Aegean Forest Foundation. At the same time, we will carry out the renovation of the Goodness Followers Association and Bayındır Çırpı Mustafa Adanır Secondary School.”

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