Ford Ranger Rewrites the Rules of Superior Off-Road Performance with Raptor

Ford Ranger Rewrites the Rules of Superior Off-Road Performance with Raptor
Ford Ranger Rewrites the Rules of Superior Off-Road Performance with Raptor

Ford introduced the new generation Ford Ranger Raptor, which rewrites the rules of the pick-up segment with its superior performance. Built to conquer deserts, mountains and all kinds of terrain, the second generation Ranger Raptor raises the bar for pick-up users with its superior off-road performance designed for true nature lovers.

Developed by the Ford Performance team, the New Generation Ranger Raptor represents a superior performance derivative of the Ford Ranger family of the future. Combining real power with mechanical and technical sensibility, the Ranger Raptor is the most advanced Ranger ever offered, with smarter technologies controlling more powerful next-generation hardware.

The new Ranger Raptor, which is the first model of the Next Generation Ranger series to be offered in Europe, will begin to meet customers from the last quarter of 2022.

“The most powerful Ranger ever offered”

One of the most important news for performance enthusiasts is the introduction of the new twin-turbo 288-liter EcoBoost V491 petrol engine, which has been developed by Ford Performance with the target of producing 3.0 PS power and 6 Nm torque. The new engine offers a tremendous boost in power over the current 2023-liter twin-turbo diesel engine, which will continue to be available with the Next Generation Ranger Raptor from 2.0, although it varies in each country.

The twin-turbo 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 engine features a compressed graphite iron cylinder block, a material that is approximately 75 percent stronger and up to 75 percent harder than the iron used in conventional castings. Ford Performance's work allowed the engine to respond instantly to accelerator pedal inputs. Similar to the one first seen on the Ford GT road car and Focus ST, the race car-inspired enhanced anti-lag system also makes it possible to accelerate more quickly when desired.

The new anti-delay system allows the turbochargers to cycle for up to three seconds after the driver reduces the pressure on the accelerator pedal, and accelerates more quickly in corners or gears when the accelerator pedal is pressed again. Performance can also be optimized, as the engine is programmed with a separate turbocharger boost profile for each gear of the advanced 10-speed automatic transmission.

The Ranger Raptor's new powertrain enables effortless acceleration on gravel, dirt, mud and sand. The electronically controlled active exhaust system mirrors the Ranger Raptor's sonic character by amplifying the engine sound according to four selectable modes to match this comprehensive performance.

Drivers can choose one of the following audio settings by pressing a button on the steering wheel or choosing a driving mode:

  • Quiet – Silence is prioritized over performance and sound and can be selected to avoid disturbance, especially in the early morning
  • Normal – In this profile for daily use, a certain exhaust sound is heard, although not overly noisy for the streets. This profile is set by default in Normal, Slippery, Mud and Rock Climb riding modes
  • Sport – It is a louder and more dynamic sound level
  • Baja – It is the most striking exhaust profile in terms of sound level and notes. The exhaust acts more like a continuous system in Baja mode. For field use only

Durable hardware for demanding tasks

The Next Generation Ranger Raptor has a unique chassis compared to the new Ranger. The Next Generation Ranger Raptor is able to overcome the toughest terrain conditions, thanks to the use of unique frames for the jounce bumper, shock absorber tower and rear shock absorber bracket, along with a number of Raptor-specific elements and reinforcements such as the C-pillar, load box and spare wheel.

A high-performance off-road vehicle like the Ranger Raptor also requires the chassis to provide it. Ford engineers therefore completely redesigned the suspension. The Rander Raptor's newly designed durable yet lightweight aluminum upper and lower control arms, long-distance front and rear suspension, and a refined Watt-arm rear end provide greater control when navigating rough terrain at high speed.

The new generation FOX® 2.5 inch bypass valve shock absorbers incorporate the most advanced control technology with position sensitive damping. The most advanced Ranger Raptor hardware ever, these shock absorbers are filled with Teflon™ reinforced oil, which reduces friction by approximately 50 percent compared to the previous version.

The editing, fine-tuning and development of the FOX® brand hardware was carried out by Ford Performance through a combination of computer-aided engineering and real-world testing. It was aimed to create a perfect balance between comfort, control, stability and traction both on and off the road, with all operations from spring rates to adjustment of ride height, valve adjustment and determination of driving zones.

Ranger Raptor's revised selectable drive modes 2, the bypass valve system, has been developed to increase comfort on the road and ride quality in the field, both at high and low speeds.

In addition to working with the driving modes, the system also works in the background, preparing the Next Generation Ranger Raptor for different conditions. As the shock absorbers compress, the different zones inside the bypass system provide the right amount of support for the chosen ride, and the dampers work in the opposite direction as they return to full height.

Race-proven FOX® Bottom-Out Control provides maximum damping force during the last 25 percent of shock absorber travel to protect against severe bottom impacts. Similarly, the system can improve vehicle stability by stiffening the rear shock absorbers to prevent the Ranger Raptor from approaching the ground during sudden acceleration. The Ranger Raptor has a firm footing on the road and off-road, with shock absorbers that deliver the right amount of damping force in any position.

The Ranger Raptor's ability to traverse rough terrain has been further enhanced by significantly increasing underbody protection. The front underbody guard is manufactured from high-strength steel with a thickness of 2,3 mm and approximately twice the size of the crankcase of the standard Next Generation Ranger. This skid plate is designed to protect important parts such as the radiator, steering system, front crossmember, engine crankcase and front differential, along with engine underrun protection and intermediate transmission guard.

Dual working front and rear tow hooks offer flexible recovery options when driving off-road. In this design, if one of the tow hooks remains buried, access to the other is facilitated, while the use of balance belts during towing in deep sand or heavy mud is also provided.

Provides control in all types of terrain

For the first time, the Ranger Raptor is equipped with an advanced full-time all-wheel drive system, lockable front and rear differentials and a new electronically controlled optional two-speed intermediate gearbox, something that will certainly please the discerning off-road enthusiast.

Seven selectable driving modes2 are offered to help the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor be used easily on any terrain, from smooth roads to muddy and uneven terrain. One of them, the off-road Baja mode, configures the vehicle's electronic systems for optimum performance during high-speed off-road driving.

Each selectable driving mode; It provides adjustment of various elements from engine and transmission to ABS sensitivity and calibration, traction and stability controls, exhaust valve operation, steering and throttle adjustment. In addition, scales, vehicle information and color themes on the instrument cluster and central touchscreen also change according to the selected driving mode.2


  • Normal – Focused on comfort and fuel efficiency
  • Sport – Better suited to dynamic road driving
  • Slick – For more confident driving on slippery or uneven ground


  • Rock climbing – For optimum control when driving very slowly on extremely rocky or uneven terrain
  • Sand – Optimizes gear changes and power transfer when driving on sand and deep snow
  • Mud – To maintain maximum grip and vehicle acceleration on takeoff
  • Baja – Sets all systems to maximum attack for best performance at high speed off-road
  • The New Generation Ranger Raptor also features Trail Control™, a speed limiter for off-road driving. After that, the vehicle manages its own acceleration and braking, while the driver concentrates only on steering in difficult terrain.

Durable and sporty

The Ranger Raptor's upgraded capabilities are complemented by a brand new look that takes the bold and powerful style of the Next Generation Ranger forward. Widened fender rims and C-clamp headlight designs accentuate the width of the pick-up, while bold FORD lettering on the grille and robust separate bumper reinforce the visual character.

Ranger Raptor exterior design manager Dave Dewitt said, “Everything we design for the Ranger Raptor has a reason. "We're talking about what the Raptor is capable of, just by its looks."

Matrix LED headlights with LED daytime running lights take the Ranger Raptor's lighting performance to new heights. Features such as predictive cornering lights, non-dazzling high beams and automatic dynamic height adjustment give Ranger Raptor drivers and other road users better visibility.

Widening fenders surround Raptor-specific high-performance off-road tires with 17-inch alloy wheels. Functional vents, aero features and sturdy, grippy die-cast aluminum side steps help reinforce the pick-up's look and functionality. A unique style is created by creating a design connection between the LED taillights and the front. The gray rear bumper features an integrated step and a high-positioned drawbar to avoid compromising take-off.

The theme continues inside, again emphasizing the Ranger Raptor's off-road performance and high-energy nature. The comfort of the cabin is increased with new front and rear sports seats inspired by jet aircraft, while more support is provided in high-speed corners.

Orange details on the instrument panel, upholstery and seats are mirrored by ambient lighting, which turns the interior of the Ranger Raptor amber. Premium leather trim, heated sports steering wheel, finger lugs, centered markings and cast magnesium paddle shift paddles complete the sporty feel.

Drivers and passengers also benefit from cutting-edge digital technologies. The high-tech cabin features a 12.4-inch full-digital instrument cluster and a 12-inch central touchscreen. Ford's next-generation SYNC 4A® connectivity and entertainment system offers wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto™ connectivity at no additional cost. With its 10-speaker B&O® sound system, it allows your favorite music to accompany your adventurous journeys.

New member of Ford Performance family

The Raptor name has its roots in North America, where Ford has used the name on high-performance pick-ups and commercial vehicles since the first generation F-150 SVT Raptor, optimized for high-speed off-road performance. Developed by Ford Performance, the Ranger Raptor has been expanding its reach and, since 2018, bringing the Raptor badge to other world markets and off-road enthusiasts in Europe.

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