Children of the Capital Learn English, Hosted by ABB

Children of the Capital Learn English, Hosted by ABB
Children of the Capital Learn English, Hosted by ABB

Taking action for the children of the capital city to receive foreign language education, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, in cooperation with the Seda Yekeler Education Foundation (SEYEV), started the free English language acquisition for 5 months for children aged 7-14 in 3 Family Life Centers.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality focuses on 'student-friendly' practices that prioritize equality of opportunity in education in line with the understanding of social municipality.

With the cooperation of Seda Yekeler Education Foundation (SEYEV), the Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken action for free English acquisition 2 days a week, aims to contribute to the economy of families in order to develop and support the education of children.


Within the scope of the protocol signed between Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş and SEYEV President Seda Yekeler, students from the Capital city will be provided with free English language acquisition for 3 months.

Head of Women and Family Services Department Serkan Yorgancılar made the following evaluations on the first day of the course, which started at the Ottoman AYM, where children from the capital showed great interest:

“We started foreign language education for 5 students in our 3 centers. Our courses will last XNUMX months. We provide this service completely free of charge. We will continue to serve our students with a larger English camp during the summer break.”


Esertepe, Ottoman, Elvankent, Sincan and Kahramankazan English language acquisition will be held on weekends (Saturday-Sunday), initiated in Family Life Centers and organized with different methods for children aged 7-14.

9-year-old Hasan Hüseyin Demir, who participated in the free language course of the Metropolitan Municipality, said, “English education is a language that will allow us to make friends and help us when we go to other countries. I can't wait to learn”, while the parents, who were as excited as the students, shared their satisfaction with the following words:

Funda Kaya: “My child is going to the 2nd grade. We would like to thank the President Mansur for providing language acquisition support to these children with financial impossibilities. It is a really nice application, we are very pleased.”

Jasmine Izgi: “It is very nice that such an education is given, that it is aimed at children. My 7-year-old child is participating, we are very pleased.”

Sidika Aktas: “We are very pleased that such an education is given to our children. Thank you very much Mansur President. I hope our children will start life ready with a good English language education in the future.”

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