After 22 Percent Discount in Bursa, Students Headed to Public Transport

After 22 Percent Discount in Bursa, Students Headed to Public Transport

After 22 Percent Discount in Bursa, Students Headed to Public Transport

The demand for subscription cards increased by 90 percent after the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality reduced the monthly student subscription card price from 70 TL at the beginning of the year to 62 TL. With the subscription card, which is valid for a total of 160 rides, the cost of transportation is reduced to 44 cents, providing great convenience to students.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which modernizes the vehicles and applies an economical price tariff in order for the citizens to turn to public transportation in Bursa, did not make any concessions from the student-friendly transportation policy in the new tariff that will be effective as of January 1, 2022. The monthly subscription cards of students who use public transportation vehicles extensively were reduced in price. The student metro boarding price, which was 2016 TL in 1,5, was reduced to 2018 TL in 1,35. The student subway boarding tariff, which did not see any increase for two years, was increased to 5 TL, which was the price 1,5 years ago, with the arrangement made last year. Despite the increases of up to 6 percent in fuel, personnel and maintenance costs in the last 70 years, the Metropolitan Municipality has resolutely continued its student-friendly transportation policy. Effective as of January 1, 2022, the price of the monthly student subscription card, which was 90 TL, was reduced to 22 TL with a '70 percent discount'.

Demand increased by 62 percent

The transportation fee of the students, who are entitled to 160 boarding passes per month with their subscription cards, started to amount to approximately 44 kuruş. With this price, the municipality that transported students the cheapest in Turkey was Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. The discount on student subscription cards had a positive impact on the demands as well. The monthly student subscription card usage, which was 2019 thousand 10 in 767, increased by 62 percent to 17 thousand 392 in the same period of this year. The price reduction on the subscription cards made the university students happy the most. Stating that transportation costs have an important share in 'expenditure items', university students stated that public transportation has become very advantageous with this discount.

Investing in the future

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş reminded that there are more than 80 thousand students in Bursa, 730 thousand of whom are university students, and noted that every investment and project for students is actually made for the future of the country. Expressing that reducing the expenses of the students makes a great contribution to the family economy, President Aktaş said, “Transportation costs also constitute a significant burden on the expense items of our students. Since the day we took office, we have been following a student-friendly policy in public transport. Finally, we received very positive feedback regarding the discount we made on monthly student subscription cards. Our positive discrimination towards our students will continue from now on.”

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