710 Female Students Reached With Turkey's Engineer Girls Project

710 Female Students Reached With Turkey's Engineer Girls Project
710 Female Students Reached With Turkey's Engineer Girls Project

Within the scope of the project initiated by the Ministry of Family and Social Services for high school and university students in order to enable women to take more part in the field of engineering, 125 thousand students, parents and teachers in 54 high schools; 710 female students were reached at the university.

The project, which was initiated in cooperation with the Ministry of Family and Social Services as well as the Ministry of National Education, United Nations Development Program Turkey Office (UNDP) and Limak Foundation in order to support female students who want to become engineers, continued in two programs as high school and university.

Within the scope of the project, which lasted five years and was completed on December 31, 2021, 54 thousand students, parents and teachers have been reached so far. While 142 female students who benefited from the project graduated from engineering departments of universities, a significant part of our graduates were employed in different companies.

According to the URAP 2021-2022 World Field Ranking research for the 2020-2021 term of Turkey's Engineer Girls project, applications were accepted from 15 universities (12 state universities and 3 foundation universities) from Turkey that were listed in the field of engineering.

During the application process carried out on the E-Bursum platform between September 20 and October 10, 2021, 1.100 applications were received for the new term. As a result of meticulous evaluations, 59 engineering students from different universities in Turkey were selected for TMK.

A total of 2021 students will be able to benefit from the project during the 2022-150 period, together with the students who continued the project from the previous semesters.

A total of 710 engineering faculty students have benefited from the university program of the project so far. Along with scholarship opportunities, students were provided with internship and employment, English language training, “social engineering” certificate program trainings, mentoring and coaching support for their senior year.

Graduated students were employed in the project stakeholder group of companies and in different organizations in the sector.

High school female students' interest in engineering increased

In the high school phase of Turkey's Engineer Girls Project, teachers, parents and students in selected provinces and schools were informed about the engineering profession through different activities.

With Turkey's Engineer Girls Project, 125 students, parents and teachers in 54.000 high schools were reached.

Among the activities in the high school program, trainings, awareness-raising games and virtual reality applications, and role model meetings with each school were held.

Activities to introduce the engineering profession were held for these teachers, high school students, teachers and parents who received training within the scope of the project.

In addition, volunteer female engineers answered students' questions with the "Ask the Engineer" application on the project's website (turkiyeninmuhendiskizlari.com).

With this application, 925 questions have been answered so far.

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