612 Million TL Investment to Prevent Floods in İzmir

612 Million TL Investment to Prevent Floods in İzmir
612 Million TL Investment to Prevent Floods in İzmir

After the disaster that the city faced last year, the investments of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality reached 612 million liras. Reminding the importance of being a resilient city, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer emphasized that despite the heavy rain 10 days ago, there was no serious flood in the city, and said, "This shows us how successful our investments that have been going on for a year have been."

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality took action after the floods experienced in some parts of the city as a result of the record rains in Izmir last year. Within the scope of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer's vision to create resilient cities, the Metropolitan Municipality invested 612 million liras to prevent floods. More than 22 million liras of support was given to the citizens who were damaged by the flood.

Reminding the importance of being a resilient city, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “We started our work to avoid the problems again. We accelerated our investments to strengthen the urban infrastructure in troubled areas. We started the biggest storm water separation work in the history of the city," he said. Mayor Soyer emphasized that despite the heavy rain 10 days ago, there was no serious flood in the city and said, "This showed us how successful our investments that have been going on for a year have been."

Yeniköy Balabandere and Çatalca Sandidere irrigation ponds were repaired

Yeniköy Balabandere Irrigation Pond in Menderes, whose trunk was damaged in the flood, and Çatalca Sandidere irrigation ponds, whose spillway was damaged, were repaired. The spillway capacity of both ponds has been increased to prevent loss of life and property. The investment made for both irrigation ponds amounted to 8 million liras.

İZSU General Directorate also accelerated infrastructure investments in many districts. The studies started in the districts where the rains were effective. Particularly in the settlements where the altitude is close to the sea level, separation channels were manufactured in the canals and rainwater lines working with a combined system. Konak, Bornova, Buca, Karşıyaka, BayraklıSeparation works of 122,5 kilometers of rain water line continue in , Çiğli, Karabağlar, Urla and Bayındır districts. The investment amount is over 250 million TL. In Konak, Buca, Karabağlar, Çiğli and Bornova, the construction of a 187-kilometer rainwater separation channel will begin.

The problem is over in Güzelyalı 16 Street and Balçova

Work has been completed in and around the section of Mithatpaşa Street between Üçkuyular and Güzelyalı, which is experiencing problems due to the overflow of Polygon Stream. Rain water was collected and sent to the sea at Güzelyalı 16 Street. In order to prevent floods in Balçova Çetin Emec and Eğitim neighborhoods, which were affected by heavy rains, the section deficiencies that caused flooding in the 2-meter section of Hacı Ahmet Stream were eliminated with an investment of 560 million TL.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the infrastructure reinforcement works in the region for Altınyol Street, which was flooded and closed to traffic during the flood disaster. With an investment of 3,4 million liras, an infrastructure system was created that will transport the rain water from the street to the sea.

End floods in Mavişehir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed the Coastal Rehabilitation Project in Mavişehir to end the floods caused by the rising sea level, especially on the days of severe winds. Within the scope of the works, 4 kilometers of in-water concrete, which was made 2,2 meters below the ground, was produced in order to prevent both the flood that may occur due to sea water swell in the coastal area and the passage of sea water under the ground; The rock fortifications at the front were also re-manufactured. In addition, a 707-meter-long rainwater line was laid to collect rainwater in residential areas. The collected water was given to the sea through the pumps in the existing pumping station. The total investment amount was 43,4 million.

Streams are rehabilitated, floods are prevented

After the flood disaster, improvement, cleaning, maintenance-repair and renovation works were carried out with an investment of 42 million liras in 35 streams throughout İzmir. Especially Poligon Stream, Balçova Hacı Ahmet Stream, Balçova Ilıca Stream, Meles Stream, Karşıyaka The creek walls that were destroyed in problematic points such as Kartalkaya Stream, Gaziemir Irmak Stream, Bornova Stream, Karabağlar Çitlembik Stream were rebuilt, existing culverts were expanded and new culverts were built. At some critical points, grid construction for the removal of rain water, rainwater collection pools, streams and sea transportation works were carried out. With an investment of 30 million liras, 400 thousand 402 tons of waste material, in other words 565 thousand trucks, was removed from 21 stream beds. The bottom mud in streams and streams is constantly cleaned.

The destroyed bridges and culverts over the stream are being renewed

A huge investment effort was launched to renew the bridges damaged by heavy rains in many districts of the city. Within the scope of the works that will cost approximately 240 million liras, the teams of the Department of Science Affairs are working from four branches to build new vehicle and pedestrian bridges at nearly 70 points. In line with the projects prepared by the Department of Transportation, it was aimed to provide citizens with safe and comfortable transportation with new vehicle and pedestrian bridges, the diameters of which were built to reduce the risk of flooding.
In the first place, the teams of the Department of Science Affairs started to work on 32 culvert vehicle bridges and 4 pedestrian bridges at the needed points, especially in Menderes, Foça and Kiraz, which were affected by the flood disaster. The construction of a highway bridge over the stream in Dikili Bademli District has been completed. The construction of the highway bridge in Menemen Hasanlar and Bergama Fevzipaşa Neighborhood continues. This year, the construction of 14 more vehicle bridges will begin.

Establishing a life in harmony with nature in İzmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is the first and only municipality in Turkey to accept green infrastructure as an infrastructure issue, has implemented two important studies titled İzmir Green City Action Plan (İzmir YŞEP) and Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (İzmir SECAP) in this direction. He also published İzmir's Strategy for Living in Harmony with Nature, which covers all these studies. This strategy draws the roadmap of İzmir until 2030, aiming to build a city that is resistant to natural disasters, has high welfare and at the same time protects its biological diversity.

Disaster awareness training for mukhtars

Training activities were initiated in order to create a disaster-ready society by creating disaster awareness in the city, thus minimizing the loss of life and property in case of a possible disaster. In 2021, fire information and disaster awareness awareness trainings were given to 30 headmen in 293 districts.

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