3600 Additional Indicator Commission Holds Its First Meeting

3600 Additional Indicator Commission Holds Its First Meeting
3600 Additional Indicator Commission Holds Its First Meeting

The first commission meeting on the preparation of 3600 additional indicators by public employees was held at the Reşat Moralı Meeting Hall, hosted by the Ministry, under the chairmanship of Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security.

Making the opening speech of the meeting, Minister Bilgin stated that they recorded the issue of 3600 additional indicators with the collective agreement they made with Memur-Sen, so that the issue is no longer a wish.

Noting that they have carried out technical studies on the subject within the Ministry, Bilgin also stated that the issue also concerns other public institutions such as the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the Presidency Strategy and Budget Department. Noting that everyone working in the public sector has expectations regarding the solution of the problem of 3600 additional indicators, Bilgin stated that they will discuss the issue in the commission, which also includes social partners, trade unions.

Pointing out the importance of 3600 additional indicators for employees, Bilgin continued as follows:

“Some arrangements were made under the name of reform in the public personnel system in the past, but since the system was not fully addressed, many problems of civil servants, including career advancement and various promotion decisions, which are a reward system in a sense, wages and retirement, became inextricable with different arrangements, inequalities. arrangements were made that damaged the sense of justice. The decision put forward by our Honorable President on this issue included the regulation of 3600 additional indicator issues in the public sector in a fair way, in a way that would spread the sense of justice among public employees. We discussed the issue within this framework.”

“We Will Keep Our Promise Not To Pressure Our Employees With Inflation”

Stating that important steps have been taken to overcome the economic problems Turkey is experiencing, Bilgin said that the policies implemented within the framework of the new economy model are an important opportunity for Turkey to overcome these problems.

Stating that they will have the opportunity to solve economic problems more effectively by speeding up the implementation process of the package, Bilgin added that the latest economic growth figures point to this.

Reminding that the Ministry of Labor and Social Security is primarily a ministry responsible for implementing social policies, Bilgin shared the following information:

“Our ministry is a ministry tasked with protecting employees. With this approach we have implemented in the past period, we have introduced new social policies, as well as the new economic model, and implemented measures that will ensure the protection of the society against crises. Collective agreements we made were very important steps in this regard. However, the inflationary environment caused serious erosion in these collective agreements. But we have taken other measures against him as well. As you know, we not only gave the inflation difference, we also provided social balance support. As a result, we continue to take measures by increasing the pension of our retirees from 1500 TL to 2 thousand 500 TL and by increasing the percentage above them. Of course, we are going through a difficult time. It is not possible to say that these are sufficient, but we will make additions to them. While annual inflation was 36 percent, we increased the six-month inflation rate by 31 percent. When we are faced with a similar situation in July, we will make these arrangements. We will fulfill our promise not to crush our employees against inflation. No one should be worried about that.”

“We Are Determined to Make an Arrangement That Will Fairly Meet Our Employees' Expectations”

Stating that there are both public and social partners in the 3600 Additional Indicator Commission, Bilgin said:

“We are determined to make an arrangement that will fairly meet the expectations of our public employees with 3600 additional indicators. Mr. President said that this will be resolved within this year. We are holding our first commission meeting. In this commission, the issues will be discussed, the demands of the social partners will be expressed, the possibilities and perspectives of public institutions, and their technical proposals for the solution of this problem will be evaluated. The Commission will make its final decision within a few meetings. I would like to express my opinion in advance that this will be a fair solution.”

Bilgin said that a big step was taken with the exclusion of the minimum wage in all wages from tax, and said, “We will also take a big step in 3600 additional indicators. I believe that we will meet the expectations with an arrangement that eliminates the sense of injustice among public personnel. Hopefully, there will be a result that will meet the expectations for Turkey," he said.

Memur-Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın also stated that the main purpose of the 3600 additional indicator studies; Underlining that the aim is to ensure the economic recovery of public servants, to contribute to their social welfare, to increase their professional motivation and to meet their expectations, he said, “We have provided confirmation in the first half of the year for the completion of 2022 additional indicators, which should be completed in 3600 as per the collective agreement decision. Additional indicator systematic is an arrangement made by considering the hierarchical order and professional responsibilities of public employees. We will also contribute to the recovery of this regulation, in which various disorders have occurred over time, and to meet expectations. We turned the issue of 3600 additional indicators from being a promise with a collective agreement into a roadmap. Addressing this issue is extremely important both from the point of view of public officials and from a political point of view. With the work to be done within a calendar, we will implement the subject of 3600 additional indicators. With the 6th Term Collective Agreement, we had decided to deal with 3600 additional indicators from a broader framework, not just specific occupational groups. In order to solve the problems that arise with interim arrangements, there is a need for the re-establishment of justice and a total consideration. We will make an extraordinary effort to restore justice at this table. After this issue, we will start our work in the coming days in order to discuss the issue of the contracted personnel, which we have decided with a collective agreement, to be recruited simultaneously with the ministry.”

Deputy Ministers of Labor and Social Security Ertuğrul Soysal, Adnan Ertem, Faruk Özçelik and Lutfihak Alpkan, Social Security Institution President Cevdet Ceylan, Labor General Manager Nurcan Önder, Ministry of Treasury and Finance Public Financial Management and Transformation General Manager Yakup Tekin, Presidency Strategy and Bahtiyar Sazlık, Budget General Manager of the Budget Department, Bilal Şentürk, Presidency's General Manager of Personnel and Principles, Ali Yalçın, the President of Memur-Sen, and representatives of 11 unions affiliated to the confederation.

It is anticipated that the second meeting of the 3600 Additional Indicator Commission will be held on 16 March.

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