Zoom Announces Exciting Innovations for 2022

Zoom Announces Exciting Innovations for 2022
Zoom Announces Exciting Innovations for 2022

Zoom introduced innovations that will accelerate the evolution of post-pandemic working life, empower employees to adapt to the new era, and make the transition to hybrid working as smooth as possible by facilitating collaboration.

In 2021, companies faced serious challenges as they worked to facilitate the connection of remote professionals and contribute to productivity while organizing a safe return to the office. Zoom Video Communications, Inc. has stood by these challenges throughout the year with the solutions and features its users need to succeed in their new work environments.

Zoom aims to create a more efficient, collaborative and engaging user experience while simplifying processes by connecting and organizing workflows with the innovations it introduced and recently introduced in the last period of last year. Let's take a look at these exciting innovations.

Huddle View

Huddle View is a feature that potentially provides a visual channel layout to give teams a sense of connectedness while working virtually. In this way, channel members can choose a unique virtual background for themselves, sohbet They can easily see who's on the channel and quickly identify if they're busy or available, bringing teams together.

Zoom Events Backstage

Zoom's new behind-the-scenes feature brings the green room to the virtual environment, providing speakers, panelists and the production team a space where they can talk, watch or mingle before the live broadcast.

Zoom Whiteboard (New)

The completely renewed Zoom Whiteboard allows participants working from the office or remotely to come together on the digital whiteboard in real time, anywhere, anytime without setting up a meeting. This new feature is available anywhere Zoom Meetings is running on a laptop, conference room, mobile device, or Zoom for Home device.

Zoom Widget

Developed to connect with teams and streamline their workflow, Zoom Widget helps people in meetings manage time and expectations, and keep their teammates informed. It also allows users to see who is in the meeting and notify the host using Zoom Chat if they are running late.

Zoom Apps for Mobile and Webinars

Zoom Apps, which was added to the Zoom Desktop meeting experience in early 2021, has now come to mobile and webinars as well. In this way, you can use your favorite applications that you use while working on your mobile device in meetings or webinars. This innovation brings you more opportunities to interact with games and other applications. Zoom also offers “Immersive Apps” that allow you to create customized “Immersive Views” for both you and your attendees.

Video Participation Center

With the Zoom Video Participation Center, institutions can create engaging experiences where they can develop trust-based interactions by bringing their experts together with their customers on video in a structured and comprehensive virtual environment. With this solution, Zoom offers enterprises cloud-first scalability and reliable video architecture.

Advanced translation and transcription

Zoom meetings become more inclusive with real-time and automatic translation service as well as live transcription capability. In addition, the platform's translation capability is further enhanced with support for multiple languages.

Zoom Jumpstart

As part of its mission to drive and enable innovation through the Zoom Developers Platform, it is launching Jumpstart, a new app creation tool that helps developers move faster. This capable tool generates code that seamlessly brings Video SDK functionality into the current implementation after specifying the basic configurations, some pre-designed features, some inputs for branding, and platform options.

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