New High-Tech Data Center for YSK

New High-Tech Data Center for YSK

New High-Tech Data Center for YSK

With the project initiated by the SSB, HAVELSAN constructs a New Data Center for the YSK. The new Data Center will be developed with the latest hardware and technology that is strong in terms of cyber security.

A ceremony was held in the SSB for the completion of the Phase-1 phase of the Supreme Election Board (YSK) Data Center Project, initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), and the signing of the contract for the Phase-2 phase. At the ceremony, SSB President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir handed the completed Phase-1 delivery document of the project to the Chairman of the YSK Muharrem Akkaya, while the Phase-2 contract was signed between the SSB and HAVELSAN.

With the project carried out by HAVELSAN, it is aimed to equip the data center in the new building of the YSK with the most up-to-date, modern and cyber security strong hardware and active systems. In the Phase-1 phase, the infrastructure, construction and support activities of the New Data Center were completed. In the Phase-2 phase, the process of which was initiated by signing the contract; System components, cyber security components, software architecture, system and network monitoring components will be developed and the installation of the Data Center will be completed.

Speaking at the ceremony, SSB President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir emphasized that it has become imperative to strengthen physical security with cyber security, domestic software, artificial intelligence and digital industry. Saying, “YSK has started Phase-1 after Phase-2 as an indicator of great sensitivity and the importance it attaches to technology,” Demir said that they are very happy to be a part of this project as SSB and HAVELSAN.

YSK Chairman Muharrem Akkaya, on the other hand, stated that the development of the information infrastructure of the YSK and the digitization of processes date back to 35 years, and the Election Information System called SEÇSİS is an important step taken in this direction. Stating that the Data Center, which is the locomotive of this information system, which is constantly developed in line with the needs that arise over time, has been implemented within this scope, Akkaya said, “In our new building, we accelerated the digitalization works of our data center with a strong infrastructure. With the new step we took today, we are making our existing system stronger with modern technology and hardware infrastructure.”

HAVELSAN General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar said: “With Phase-1, we completed the construction of the data center on which the system will work, and installed the necessary passive components. With the PHASE 2 project, we will equip the YSK with the most up-to-date, modern, and the most powerful cyber security hardware and active systems. Working together with the SSB and YSK project teams, we will create a data center that will strengthen the YSK and our country for a long time.”

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