Yenişehir Reaches Its Modern Market

Yenişehir Reaches Its Modern Market

Yenişehir Reaches Its Modern Market

Construction is progressing rapidly in the market place, parking lot and social living area project that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will bring to Yenişehir, including a parking lot for 154 vehicles, a wedding hall, baby care room, foyer area and shop.

Realizing projects that will carry Bursa to the future in every field from transportation to infrastructure, from environment to historical and cultural heritage, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its investments that will increase the quality of life in the districts without slowing down. Similar to the closed market area and parking lot projects brought to Kestel and Gürsu districts are being implemented in Yenişehir district. The physical realization rate of the project, which was designed to gather the neighborhood markets spread over different streets of the district under one roof, and to make them more organized, modern and auditable, reached 70 percent. Built on a total area of ​​7 square meters in Çayır District, the project will have a market area of ​​400 stalls, a police station and a shop on the ground floor of 6 square meters. The ground floor will also serve the people of the district as a parking lot with a capacity of 200 vehicles. On the first floor of the project, there will be a wedding hall and administrative units. In the service building, the rough construction of which has been completed, the fine productions have also come to the stage of completion. While 328 percent of the steel productions of the market area are carried out, the project is aimed to be put into service in May.

Shopping in a healthy environment

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that they consider Bursa as a whole with its 17 districts and that they always keep the expectations of the people in the foreground, and reminded that the closed market area and the parking lot project is an important demand of the people of Yenişehir. Stating that the neighborhood markets set up between the streets have negative effects on the district traffic 'in addition to the health and inspection problems', Mayor Aktaş said, “With this project, our people will have the opportunity to do their market shopping in a healthier environment in summer and winter. At the same time, with the project, which will serve as a parking lot, the traffic congestion caused by parking in the district center will be eliminated. We are nearing the end of our work. Good luck with our project," he said.

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