Beams of New Tembelova Bridge Have Been Installed

Beams of New Tembelova Bridge Have Been Installed

Beams of New Tembelova Bridge Have Been Installed

The 'Gebze TEM Highway Bridges Connection Roads 1st Stage Project', which will lighten the traffic load in Gebze district and give vehicle drivers and citizens a sigh of relief, continues without slowing down. In this context, the construction of another bridge in the giant and prestigious project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which will ease the transportation between the city center and OIZs in Gebze, has come to the final stage. The Kirazpınar bridge, which was demolished and rebuilt within the scope of the project, was put into use and the traffic problem in the region was relieved to a great extent. The new Tembelova bridge, which was demolished within the scope of the work and built as 2×2 like other bridges in the project, took its final shape.


In the construction of the bridge, where the teams of the General Directorate of Highways worked non-stop, beams were also placed with the completion of the legs. Following the completion of the works on the bridge, such as the pedestrian guardrail and pavement, by the General Directorate of Highways, a 300-meter road in total will be built by the Metropolitan Municipality in the two parts to the north and south of the bridge. Previously, the connection road and bridges built from scratch on the eastern and western ends of the project were completed and offered to the citizens.


In addition, in the project where a new roundabout work is carried out on the south side adjacent to Genç Caddesi, the north and south side roads and the New Kirazpınar and Tembelova bridges will be connected with the road work to be carried out by the Metropolitan. In this context, a total of 3 meters of side roads are being built, 3 thousand meters in the southern part and 150 thousand 6 meters in the northern part. The length of the road built with participation branches and other roads reaches 150 kilometers.


Throwing a scalpel at the infrastructure and traffic problem of Gebze, which is growing and developing gradually, the Metropolitan Municipality will put an end to the traffic chaos of Gebze when the 'Gebze TEM Highway Bridges Connection Roads 1st Stage Project' is completely completed. As it is known, traffic density was experienced on the Tembelova and Kirazpınar bridges on the TEM Highway, which connects the OIZs to the Gebze district center and the D-100 Highway, especially during the service hours. After the new Tembelova bridge will be put into use, the traffic density in the region will decrease significantly.

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