What is Clock Tower? How Does the Clock Tower Work?

How the Clock Tower Works
How the Clock Tower Works

The rising in the city's eye squares is the iconic structure that has received the "Clock Tower" by adding hours to the top. Today is a touristic point of view.

What is Clock Tower?

Although it comes from the east, the tradition of making tower hours in the west is revealed and was first used in churches and palace towers. XIII. The first examples of such structures seen since the 19th century are the clock towers in the Padua in UK, Westminster and Italy. In 1348-1362, Damdi in Italy and the structures made in France for France in France by Henri de Vick in 1360 are also the first examples of astronomical art hours.

Clock Tower in Ottoman

XIV in Europe. The tradition of making hours tower in the 16th century spread in the Ottoman lands. Believed to began at the end of the century. The Clock Tower (1577) of Banaluka Ferhad Pasha Mosque (1577) and the Skopje Clock Tower supports this Kienitz idea. A Turkish writer who travels Skopje in 1593.

Counted the clock tower in the city between "Gavur" buildings. In 1071 (1660-61), Evliya Çelebi, who comes to Skopje, is also mentioned from the clock tower. 18th and 19th this tradition in the Ottoman world. centuries spread from the west to the east, II. In the twenty-fifth of the blackboard outlet of Abdülhamid (1901) Hour Towers spread to the entire geography of Anatolia and the Ottoman Empire to make a clock tower with the wasters of governors.

Types of Clock Tower

Usually the clock towers planted to high hills or squares in order to decorate their cities and towns can be divided into three-to-the-position: on squares, slopes and hills, on the building.

How does the clock tower work?

The clock towers are generally composed of base parts, trunk and pavilion. There is a room on the pedestal with the ladder leading to the tower. This room is sometimes edited as a muvakkithane, sometimes there is a fountain on the pedestal. Kiosk, the top floor of the clock tower, has the clock mechanism. The time in the clock mechanism is connected to a shaft.

This shaft moves the scorpion and the ship on the clock faces out of the tower and also mobilize the above ringing button. The gears of the clock mechanism include two steel ropes with the weights on the ends of the existing rollers. When the weights on the rope ends move up and down the clock is installed and works.

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