What Are Google Ads?

google ads
google ads

E-commerce, which has developed with the widespread use of the Internet, paved the way for the advertising and marketing needs to be transferred to the digital world. In these days when the classical advertising concept is slowly changing Google adsmanaged to get ahead of other types of advertising. Reaching millions of Internet users in a short time, Google ads are a great advantage for both advertisers and potential customers. Google ads available through Google Ads can be listed as follows:

  • Search ads
  • Display network
  • Shopping ads
  • Video ads
  • Universal app ads

It is extremely easy to reach the target audience with the popular advertising models of recent years. The features and working methods of Google advertising models are as follows.

  1. Search Ads

This ad model is ideal for businesses that want to show their products or services in the search results list. Inquiry is the first step taken in the Internet environment. Being visible in the first step is a great advantage for brands. In order to be at the top of the query result list, using this advertising model as well as SEO works gives more effective results. This ad model that works with keywords can be purchased through Google Ads.

  • Display Network

This ad model, known as banner ads, helps deliver rich ad content. Because video ads, text ads and animated ads can be used in the display ad model. It is possible to give these advertisements in many forms and in different sizes.

  • Shopping Ads

This ad model of Google has been used since 2017. Shopping ads consist of image, price, brand and URL of the website. In this advertising model, which offers the opportunity to reach the product without requiring any other clicks, the return rates are much higher. Shopping ads suitable for use by e-commerce sites are given on a different platform similar to Google Ads ads. Effective use of this platform requires expertise.

  • Videos (YouTube) Ads

This advertising model is among the most effective advertising options to reach and communicate with potential customers. video ads, YouTube and can be used on sites with video partnerships. Targeting and performance measurement in video ads makes this ad model more attractive than traditional TV ads. Today, 92% of Internet users use online video. YouTubeOn the other hand, an average of 4 billion videos are watched daily. According to the studies conducted in the light of these data; ⅓ of shoppers tend to buy products after the video ad. These numbers are effective in popular brands prioritizing video ads over other ad models.

  1. Universal App Ads

There is no need for any targeting in this advertising model. Despite this, it is possible to reach the maximum number of users with this advertising model. The ads created for the maximum number of downloads of the applications installed in the App Store and Google Play Store are automatically rotated.

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