Ways to Avoid Omicron with Simple Precautions During Pregnancy

Ways to Avoid Omicron with Simple Precautions During Pregnancy
Ways to Avoid Omicron with Simple Precautions During Pregnancy

Since the new variant of Covid-19, Omicron, which has been going on for about two years, is transmitted very quickly, its incidence is increasing in expectant mothers. Stating that this situation increases the stress much more during pregnancy, Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. Habibe Seyisoğlu “Some changes in the cardiovascular system and respiratory tract, which can be considered physiological during pregnancy, may make expectant mothers more susceptible to this infection. Due to the very rapid transmission of Omicron, the risk is higher especially in pregnant women who have not been vaccinated and have not completed the vaccination schedule. However, protection from Omicron with simple measures to be taken; In case of a possible infection, it is possible to overcome the infection more easily with timely and appropriate treatments.

In particular, the so-called high-risk; These measures are even more important in expectant mothers who are overweight, prone to diabetes, have hypertension, advanced age and respiratory problems. kazanEmphasizing that Dr. Habibe Seyisoğlu speaks as follows: “Covid-19 can trigger premature birth in our pregnant women, put the fetus in distress in the womb, cause developmental delay and complicate the course of pregnancy by causing important conditions such as gestational hypertension. It is possible with vaccination to be protected from all these tables and to overcome the disease with a mild course in case of catching Covid-19. Vaccination during pregnancy also protects the newborn by providing protective antibodies to the cord blood and breast milk. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. Habibe Seyisoğlu explained 10 simple but effective measures for a healthy pregnancy during the pandemic process, and made important warnings and suggestions.

Be sure to get vaccinated

Vaccination is our first and most important measure to protect ourselves from Covid-19. Vaccine is our most powerful weapon. We see that our pregnant women are worried about this issue, but we know medically that both inactivated vaccines and mRNA vaccines in our country do not pose a problem in terms of pregnancy. All world health authorities agree on this issue that these vaccines have not been found to have negative effects on both the baby and the mother. In fact, contrary to the saying "Pregnant women can get vaccinated after the 1rd month", which was prevalent until 2-3 months ago, it has been clearly stated that there is no harm in all pregnancy and even the vaccines made during the preparation phase of pregnancy.

avoid contact

The most important feature of the Omicron variant is that it can be easily transmitted even in very short-term contacts. Therefore, it is very important to stay away from people with suspected disease and to isolate those with suspected disease. Since Omicron is a variant that can be transmitted in a much shorter time and much faster, we should keep our contact time as short as possible in areas where we have doubts about trust outside our home.

Put on the mask correctly

The element that will most benefit us in avoiding contact; correct use of masks. We know that the risk of transmission is very low when both sides are masked. Especially in public transport areas, shopping centers, etc. In places where the risk of contamination is high, we should be very careful not to remove the mask and to use it correctly to fully cover the nose.

wash your hands often

Another factor that reduces the risk of transmission is hand hygiene. Take care to wash your hands with the right technique and frequently during the day, and use cologne and hand disinfectants when it is not possible.

Pay attention to social distancing

It is very important for each of our pregnant women to maintain their own social distance and protect themselves in reducing the risk of transmission. Although this situation is psychologically tiring for all of us, it is beneficial for pregnant women to stay at home if possible and not to accept guests in the house. Because in this process, even the closest of us can pose a risk.

Eat healthy

As with many diseases, body resistance is very important for Covid-19 in coping with the disease, and the role of nutrition in providing this resistance cannot be denied. For this reason, it is very important to apply an additive-free diet model with protein, vegetable weight, plenty of fluids in pregnant women.

Exercise regularly

We know that regular exercise also has positive effects on immunity. For this reason, if there is no obstacle to this in the course of pregnancy, walking in the fresh air; We recommend swimming, yoga and pilates exercises if appropriate.

Get enough and quality sleep

As in everyone else, regular and healthy sleep in our pregnant women is extremely important in maintaining body resistance. Regularly ventilated, noise-free bedrooms will facilitate a healthy sleep and contribute to our body resistance.

learn to deal with stress

While the tendency to stress increases hormonally during pregnancy, the anxiety of being sick during the pandemic process causes stress to be experienced even more intensely. Stress is a condition that activates destructive hormones in the body and thus suppresses the immune system. Therefore, regular exercise, music, yoga, etc. It is necessary to try to reduce stress as much as possible with activities.

If there is a patient at home, isolation should be provided.

Dr. Habibe Seyisoğlu says, "Despite all precautions, in any case detection at home, the sick person should be isolated, since the Omicron variant is transmitted much faster, the rule of distance and mask should be applied in common areas, and it should be ensured that the house is very well ventilated."

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