Vehicle Depreciation

vehicle depreciation
vehicle depreciation

It is obligatory to indicate the accident and other conditions of each vehicle with which traffic exit has occurred in the TRAMER registration process. Naturally, as a result of any traffic accident that we may experience in traffic, the accident size of our vehicle is kept under record. This recorded accident situation shows a material decrease in the justified value of the vehicle when it is sold. This loss of value vehicle depreciation is referred to as. Financial loss in your vehicle as a result of an accident you have experienced. depreciation You can request a refund in two ways. As a result of the traffic accident, the insurance company of the defective vehicle, the owner of the vehicle, and if different, the driver of the vehicle, you can claim the loss of material value in your vehicle. The right to sue by proving that you are right by obtaining an appraisal report after the accident. kazanYou may not be. depreciation lawyer with which you will present to the court;

  • Appraisal reports
  • The damage history and damage rates that the vehicle has experienced before.
  • Vehicle mileage
  • General information of the vehicle (such as brand, model, year of manufacture)
  • Traffic release date
  • Resale value of the vehicle in the second-hand market

You can file a lawsuit up to 2 years after the accident date of the vehicle and claim the loss of value in your vehicle. past 2 years depreciation inquiry There will be no litigation and no claim of rights in the transactions.

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