Heavy Rain and Snow Vigilance in Izmir

Heavy Rain and Snow Vigilance in Izmir
Heavy Rain and Snow Vigilance in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality took various measures due to the heavy rain that will be effective in the evening today and the expected snowfall in the high parts of the city. The units affiliated to İZSU, Fire Brigade, Science Affairs, İZBETON and Park and Gardens Department are ready to serve 24 hours a day with their machinery, equipment, vehicles and personnel against heavy rain and snowfall.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with all its units, has been on the alert with the warning of the 2nd Regional Directorate of the General Directorate of Meteorology for the expected heavy rain and snowfall that will be effective in the high parts of Bergama, Ödemiş, Kiraz, Kemalpaşa and Bornova.

The teams of the Department of Science Affairs, which opened the roads closed in the high villages of Kiraz and Kemalpaşa, will continue their work in the areas in need without interruption. In order to ensure the road safety of pedestrians and vehicles and to keep the transportation roads open all the time, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs will work on a 24-hour service basis against the risk of snowfall and icing expected on Saturday afternoon. Within the scope of combating the risk of snow and icing throughout İzmir, the teams; It will be ready at different points of the city with 10 snow plow and salting vehicles, 22 graders, 38 tractor buckets, 7 loaders, 9 mini loaders, 57 trucks, 45 service vehicles, 4 transport trucks, 2 tow trucks and 480 personnel.

İZSU and Fire Brigade on the field

The General Directorate of İZSU will work across the city with approximately 500 construction machines and 900 personnel against water and stream floods both in the center and in the districts. Pumps will be ready against water accumulation in underpasses.

The Fire Brigade Department will operate in 30 districts with 57 fire stations, 360 personnel (in one shift) and 255 vehicles. Against floods, 280 motor pumps and 141 mobile generators will be ready. AKS Search and Rescue and Health teams, deployed in 14 fire stations, will be ready for traffic accidents, tree falling, roof, signboard flying, being stranded and live rescue incidents. Mobile waiting teams were formed with vehicles loaded with large water pumps in the underpasses that are at risk of flooding.

Search and rescue teams will also be on duty.

In addition, due to the expected snowfall in districts such as Ödemiş Bozdağ, Kemalpaşa and Kiraz on January 21, 22 and 23, the Fire Brigade Department took the necessary precautions. "Mountain Search and Rescue" teams will be on duty in Ödemiş and on Spil Mountain in Kemalpaşa region. The teams will intervene in events such as being stuck on the mountain due to heavy snowfall in the Ödemiş Bozdağ region, possible traffic accidents due to icing. A fully equipped rescue vehicle of the Fire Brigade Department will also serve in this region.

The Department of Park and Gardens also increased the number of sentry teams against trees that could fall in a possible storm. Approximately 200 personnel of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Police Department will also work to help citizens in case of negativities.

Citizens will be able to submit their urgent requests 444 hours a day via the 40 35 24 numbered telephone number of the Hemşehri Communication Center (HİM) or the @izmirhim twitter account.

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