TCDD Teams Mobilized Not to Disrupt Railway Transportation

TCDD Teams Mobilized Not to Disrupt Railway Transportation
TCDD Teams Mobilized Not to Disrupt Railway Transportation

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) mobilized all its crews to avoid any disruption in transportation due to heavy snowfall. Under the coordination of TCDD, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, all teams are working on full-field snow plows for safe transportation.

TCDD, which was alarmed to avoid any disruption in railway transportation due to the heavy snowfall that is effective throughout our country, has been alerted to the crisis desk in 8 regional directorates and the center. Measures have been increased so that passenger and freight trains and especially export trains can complete their voyages without interruption in difficult weather conditions. On the 13 thousand 22 kilometer railway line, snow shoveling and icing prevention activities are carried out with reinforcement teams. Due to the snow falling in the form of ground type, solutions for snow removal and icing continue. Signaling maintenance teams work on a 24-hour basis to avoid disruptions in the traffic operating system. The assigned teams continue their scissor cleaning work uninterruptedly to prevent freezing. 16 plow vehicles, 65 railway maintenance vehicles, 48 ​​catenary maintenance vehicles, 73 road maintenance vehicles, 71 repair and maintenance vehicles, 350 road transportation-signaling maintenance vehicles operate 24 hours a day for snow plows on the railways. The snow accumulated in the form of exiles and rain on the railways is cleared by vehicles.

During the works, an additional 1500 personnel are supporting the railway maintenance teams against snow and icing. Due to its type, train speed limits are reduced in some regions and controlled transitions are made.

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