TAV Security to Start Covid-9 Control with K19 Dogs

TAV Security to Start Covid-9 Control with K19 Dogs

TAV Security to Start Covid-9 Control with K19 Dogs

TAV Security, Turkey's leading brand in aviation and facility security, developed its K9 team for the detection of COVID-19.

TAV Security trains K9 dogs, which have been working successfully in detecting explosives and prohibited substances for many years, in order to detect the COVID-19 virus.

Bakirkoy Dr. The work of the joint working group formed by Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and TAV Security for nearly a year has come to an end.

TAV Security, with its expert and experienced K-9 managers, focused primarily on introducing the scents of positive patients on dogs to dogs, and as a result, it was seen that dogs were able to distinguish this scent by achieving a high success rate in promoting the smell of COVID-19.

TAV Security General Manager Turgay Şahan said, “K100 dogs, whose sense of smell is 9 thousand times more developed than humans, have been involved in the detection of diseases in different countries of the world for many years. We started to develop our K9 unit on this issue, which is of critical importance under pandemic conditions, by looking at the implementations that have been put into practice. In the past period, we completed all our preparations for the tests by providing the necessary equipment, while the basic scent training of the dogs continued. We plan to start working in the field with our K9 team, following the completion of the laboratory tests, which have been ongoing for a long time and all kinds of activities are carried out with scientific records. We plan to use these trained dogs in many areas such as airports with crowded and heavy human traffic, sea ports, stadiums, shopping malls, concert venues and customs gates. We aim to get our dogs certified in this regard and serve abroad as well.”

TAV Security's K9 unit is being trained at the Training and Accommodation Center in Bolluca. The unit currently includes a dog and a trainer specialized in this field.

In addition to airports, the K9 unit also serves in facilities such as shopping malls, universities, embassies and consulates, as well as events such as meetings and concerts.

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