Smoking Prevents Treatment for Bone Fractures

Smoking Prevents Treatment for Bone Fractures
Smoking Prevents Treatment for Bone Fractures

Gözde İzmir Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Op. Dr. Serhat Yıldırım, drawing attention to the importance of applying the right treatment in bone fractures, said that smoking prevents the process of bone union.

Saying that bone fractures are treated in different ways with factors such as the location of the body and the age of the patient, Op. Dr. Serhat Yıldırım stated that the treatments of people who eat a balanced diet and stay away from smoking are more successful.

Providing information about the diagnosis and treatment of bone fracture, Op. Dr. Yıldırım said, “For the diagnosis, first of all, examination is important. When we detect the fracture in the x-ray of the patient, there are two important issues for union. The first is optimum immobility of the fracture, that is, the bone to be fused does not move during healing. We simply ensure the immobility of the bone with plaster and splints.

If it is a more complex fracture, if there is intra-articular angulation or slippage, if non-surgical plaster treatment has been tried and unsuccessful, we ensure that it does not move and returns to its proper position with surgery. We can do the treatment with open or closed surgery method. We surgically bring the broken bones into the correct position so that they do not move with various fixation materials. Since the fracture hematoma is preserved in the closed surgery, the union process is also better.


Kiss. Dr. Serhat Yıldırım said, “First of all, soft fusion tissue is formed, then we get the union we want by transforming into a hard tissue. Although the duration of union varies according to the location of the fracture, the age of the person and accompanying diseases, it takes 3-4 weeks. During this time, hard boil tissue begins to form. Appropriate biological environment is required for bone union. Smoking is the leading factor affecting preventable bone union in the patient. Smoking should be stopped because it prevents bone union and prevents treatment. If there are no signs of union on the X-ray despite the passage of 3-6 months in the bone, it is necessary to mention the nonunion. If appropriate immobility for nonunion treatment could not be achieved from the beginning, this should be provided first. If there is no suitable biological environment, we also provide bone union by improving the biological environment there with another bone called bone graft.”


Noting that proper nutrition is also beneficial in the treatment of fractures, Op. Dr. Serhat Yıldırım continued his words as follows: “Foods rich in calcium are beneficial in bone union. After the union of the fracture, a weakening of the muscles can be seen in that area due to inactivity. Exercise and physiotherapy stages are as important as the boiling process. A complementary treatment is required to provide joint range of motion and muscle strength. Children's and adults' fractures and treatment methods are also different. Children have a constantly growing bone structure. It is important to treat it properly so that it does not cause bigger problems in the future. In the elderly, union may occur later than in a young person. Since the nutrition of some fractures such as wrist and hip bones is impaired, these fractures should be treated more carefully and carefully.

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