The New Era in Electronic Signature Application Starts Tomorrow

The New Era in Electronic Signature Application Starts Tomorrow
The New Era in Electronic Signature Application Starts Tomorrow

📩 10/01/2022 15:17

Adana, Adıyaman, Afyonkarahisar, Ağrı, Amasya, Ankara, Antalya, Aydın, Balıkesir, through the registration of e-Signatures to the TR ID card, which constitutes the second step of the Life is Easy with Your Identity project implemented by the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs affiliated to the Ministry of Interior on September 21, 2020. , Batman, Bursa, Canakkale, Corum, Denizli, Diyarbakir, Edirne, Elazig, Erzurum, Erzincan, Eskisehir, Gaziantep, Hatay, Isparta, Istanbul, Izmir, Kahramanmaras, Kars, Kastamonu, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Kütahya, Malatya, Manisa The population directorates in 50 provinces, including , Mardin, Mersin, Muğla, Ordu, Osmaniye, Rize, Sakarya, Samsun, Siirt, Sivas, Şanlıurfa, Tekirdağ, Tokat, Trabzon, Van, Zonguldak, will start tomorrow.

After the start of e-Signature uploading processes in 50 provinces in Populationmatics, e-Signature uploading processes will be carried out in Population Directorates, land registry offices and banks throughout the country in a short time. With the application, citizens will have the opportunity to use their new generation ID card as a driver's license, as well as an e-Signature.

Time and Cost Savings Will Be Provided

Today, with the intense use of the electronic environment, e-Signature has an important place in many fields such as banking and finance, notary public, land registry and cadastre, health, customs, law and insurance.

With the e-Signature application, time and cost savings will be achieved per transaction, thanks to the reduction of paperwork in the execution of works and transactions in the public and private sectors, and the faster, error-free, complete and high-quality execution of transactions. In addition, transactions can be made online quickly with e-Signature.

In Turkey, electronic signature application was started in many fields, especially banking and e-Government applications.

e-Signature has the feature of being an extremely reliable tool in identification processes compared to a wet signature, since it is a data consisting of certain characters, letters or symbols and overlapping with the identity of the signing party, instead of having a single form like a wet signature.

With the Start of Uploading e-Signatures to the Identity Card;

  • With the use of chip ID cards for e-signature, material costs such as chips, usb and dongles will decrease.
  • Since citizens will have their TCKK loaded with e-Signatures, cargo costs will also be eliminated.
  • There will be an increase in the number of people using e-Signature, so the use of services offered in the electronic environment and the number of services will be increased.

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