New Tembelova Bridge Opened to Traffic

New Tembelova Bridge Opened to Traffic
New Tembelova Bridge Opened to Traffic

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has put its signature under the works that give breath to the transportation of the city, is coming to an end in the giant and prestigious project in the district of Gebze. In this context, the traffic jam between GOSB and the city center in Gebze, which has become gangrenous for years, will become history with the 'Gebze TEM Highway Bridges Connection Roads 1st Stage Project'. In the project, which started with the construction of 4 new bridges and extensive road work, the last bridge, the new Tembelova Bridge, was completed and put into service. The opening of the new Tembelova Bridge, which was demolished and rebuilt, gave a sigh of relief to vehicle drivers and citizens.


Within the scope of the project, which will greatly ease the transportation network in the region, 4 new bridges were built. Tembelova and Kirazpınar Bridges, which used to serve as 3 lanes in the past, were demolished and rebuilt as 2×2 in the highway area between Kirazpınar Neighborhood and Sultan Orhan, İnönü and Arapçeşme districts. Again, within the scope of the project, two new bridges with 3 lanes to the west of the Tembelova Bridge and 3 lanes to the east of the Kirazpınar Bridge were built.


While the bridges within the scope of the project were built by the General Directorate of Highways, the side roads and participation branches were carried out by the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science. Within the scope of the works, a total of 3 thousand 3 meters of side road was built, 150 thousand meters in the southern part and 6 thousand 150 meters in the northern part. The length of the road built with the participation branches and other roads reached 12 kilometers. In addition, within the scope of the project, a new roundabout work was carried out on the south side, adjacent to Genç Caddesi.


Few days are left for the completion of the Gebze TEM Highway Bridges Connection Roads 1st Stage Project, where bridges and roads are fully in use. In the project, where the final touches were made, environmental and landscaping will be the last job. When these works are completed, the region will have a brand new look.

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