Neighborhood Markets Will Also Be Online

Neighborhood Markets Will Also Be Online
Neighborhood Markets Will Also Be Online

The rapid growth of e-commerce all over the world has led to the emergence of different dynamics in the sector. TOBB E-commerce Council Member, Ticimax E-commerce Systems Founder Cenk Çiğdemli conveyed the e-commerce trends that will be frequently moved to the topics in 2022. According to Çiğdemli, sustainable trade, visual search, online neighborhood markets, WhatsApp integration, purpose-oriented marketing, personalized experience and e-export will come to the fore in 2022. Here are 2022 e-commerce trends that will mark 7!

Online neighborhood markets

One of the most obvious trends of 2022 will be that neighborhood markets will start selling online. Marketplace applications will become available for grocers and markets of all sizes. We also put into service the location-based e-commerce infrastructure for markets at the beginning of the year. Neighborhood markets and grocery stores will now be able to start selling online.

Image search

Another prominent trend this year will be the spread of image search. The consumer will be able to easily find similar products by searching for the product they see and like on the e-commerce site. As of the new year, we have also activated our image search software. In e-commerce sites using Ticimax infrastructure, citizens will be able to access similar products, for example, by uploading an image of a skirt they like.

Whatsapp integration

The use of chatbots through WhatsApp integration of e-commerce companies will also be among the trends of 2022. Instead of shopping on the site, many people prefer to buy the product they want by writing to the authorized person on WhatsApp. Purchasing, shipping process and after-sales customer services will be used more this year through WhatsApp integrations of e-commerce sites.

purpose-driven marketing

In 2022, brands must keep purpose in the foreground in their communications. Purpose-Oriented Marketing has become one of the most popular topics in the marketing world. It will be one of the most talked about agenda items in 2022. Consumers are now much more sensitive to social issues. Brands also try to embrace certain social issues such as animal rights, women's rights, and the climate crisis, and try to raise awareness.

Sustainable production and delivery

According to the Global Risks 2022 report prepared by the World Economic Forum, the biggest risk is the climate crisis. This increases the awareness of decarbonization and water conservation in all production and consumption processes day by day. Brands aiming to reduce their carbon emissions and water footprint are preferred all over the world, especially by the Z generation, who has a high level of awareness on these issues. Delivering with electric vehicles, offering recyclable and environmentally friendly products will also be trend topics in e-commerce in 2022.

personalized experience

Experience-oriented works such as personalized campaigns, live broadcast sales programs, gamification and sales, and customer-specific site design will also be topics that will be discussed frequently in e-commerce in 2022.

Sales to the world with e-Export

Sellers, who want to turn currency differences into advantages, will achieve a remarkable growth in e-exports in 2022. The share of SMEs and small-scale enterprises in e-export is currently at the level of 35 percent. We predict that this rate will also draw an upward graph in 2022. E-exports will also grow in total in 2022.

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