NASA Trusts Castrol in Deep Space

NASA Trusts Castrol in Deep Space
NASA Trusts Castrol in Deep Space

The cooperation of the world's leading mineral oil producer Castrol with NASA continues. NASA preferred the oils specially produced by Castrol for the high-tech parts of the exploration vehicle called Perseverance, which it landed on Mars on February 18, 2021, to work smoothly by adapting to different weather conditions on the planet. Leaving behind a year in its space exploration mission, Perseverance delivered unique information and images about the red planet to Earth without encountering any mechanical problems.

Castrol, one of the world's leading mineral oil brands, continues to be the brand preferred by NASA with its products specially produced for space vehicles as well as automobiles, engines, commercial vehicles and industrial products. NASA relied on the experience of Braycote oils, developed by Castrol and adapting to different atmospheric conditions, in the exploration vehicle called Perseverance, which landed on Mars in 2018, as well as in InSight, which it sent to Mars in 2021.

Hassle-free high performance and powerful protection for a year in space

The Perseverance rover, which NASA sent to Mars in February 2021, is expected to operate smoothly for at least one Martian year (about 687 days). Completing a year in its exploration mission, the vehicle provides information about the geology and climate of the planet, while sending never-before-seen clear images and previously unheard of sounds on the Martian surface to NASA. It's also looking for signs of long-standing microbial life, collecting rock and sediment samples to be studied on a possible return to Earth.

For this reason, NASA prefers durable mineral oil products that will show high performance in the face of problems that can be foreseen or encountered for the first time during space travels, which provide high-budget and very important scientific research. Castrol, on the other hand, produces products that will offer the most successful protection, the longest time, and the highest durability against such problems, thanks to its R&D team that carries out intensive engineering studies and years of experience, with the wishes and directions of NASA.

Resistant to varying air temperatures of space

At the beginning of the problems that can be encountered at any time in space travels, which have long and very important goals, are situations such as low gravity, differences in air temperature and inability to intervene immediately in case of any malfunction. Due to the fact that the electronic and mechanical vehicles, which are the biggest difficulties of unmanned space travels, cannot be maintained immediately, the materials and oils used must be resistant to the difficulties during this entire journey, then during and after landing on the planet. It is of great importance that all electronic and mechanical parts operate smoothly for a long time in these important expeditions to the red planet, which are thought to provide important information to scientists about the formation of other planets as well as Mars. During these journeys, a durable lubrication product is preferred that will protect the equipment for long periods against possible friction problems by resisting the harsh conditions of space. In addition, after landing on Mars, electronic and mechanical components must be protected against differences in surface temperatures. While the temperature is 20 degrees on the equator of Mars at noon, the temperature at its poles drops to -153 degrees, requiring equipment to be protected against temperature differences that are difficult to encounter on the earth's surface.

All of them have Castrol technology inside!

NASA has been aboard the Perseverance, the latest exploration vehicle sent to Mars, along with the Apollo Moon mission, the Hubble Space Telescope, the International Space Station, past Mars expeditions and many satellite stations, that it has carried out since the 1960s and helped humanity learn more about the universe. Perseverance) used mineral oils specially produced by Castrol for this task.

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