Minister Akar Attended the 107th Anniversary of the Sarıkamış Operation

Minister Akar Attended the 107th Anniversary of the Sarıkamış Operation
Minister Akar Attended the 107th Anniversary of the Sarıkamış Operation

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu and Minister of Family and Social Services Derya Yanık participated in the march organized within the framework of the 107th anniversary of the Sarıkamış Operation.

In addition to Minister Akar, Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, Land Forces Commander General Musa Avsever, Naval Forces Commander Admiral Adnan Özbal and Air Force Commander General Hasan Küçükakyüz also participated in the march that took place in Kars.

After the march, Minister Akar and his accompanying TAF Command attended the ceremony held at the Crescent-Star Ceremony Area as part of the 107th anniversary of the Sarıkamış Operation.

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In his speech at the ceremony, Minister Akar made statements regarding the terrorist attack on the Akçakale-Şanlıurfa border line yesterday.

Using the phrase "Three of our heroic comrades were martyred in the treacherous attack," Minister Akar said:

“Necessary operations were launched immediately after the attack. PKK/YPG targets were hit strongly. According to the first determinations, 12 terrorists were neutralized. Our punitive operations continue. We expect this number to increase. Wherever they run, we will find the traitors. We have never left the blood of our martyrs on the ground, and we never will. I would like to start my words by wishing God's mercy on our 3 heroic comrades in arms and our martyrs of Sarıkamış yesterday.

The fact that our soldiers reached the rank of martyrdom with an unprecedented sense of duty for the sake of our national and moral values, despite the harsh winter conditions and all kinds of difficulties, left deep traces in our memories.

'To gush Martyrs land tighter the şüheda!' As it is expressed in the verse, the sacrifices of the hero Mehmetçi, who irrigated every inch of the holy homeland with his blessed blood throughout our glorious history, in the Sarıkamış Operation went down in history as an epic of devotion to the homeland.

In addition, the devoted personnel of our ships Bezm-i Âlem, Bahr-i Ahmer and Mithat Pasha, which set out to raise winter clothes, provisions and ammunition for our soldiers operating here and were sunk in the Black Sea, took their distinguished places in our history as the Marine Martyrs of Sarıkamış.

'Martyrs do not die!' Our noble nation, which has adopted the faith, will remember the heroism and sacrifices of tens of thousands of our countrymen, who were martyred with the feelings of obedience to orders and loyalty to duty, with respect and gratitude for generations, and will keep their cherished memories alive forever.

On this meaningful day in which we commemorate the martyrs of Sarıkamış, we would like to express our gratitude and gratitude to our Azerbaijani guardians who extended a helping hand to our soldiers who were captured in the Caucasus Front during their captivity on Nargin Island. The Mehmets, who struggled for life in the extremely unfavorable conditions of the prison camp in Nargin, were able to breathe a little easier and hold on to life thanks to the help of the Azerbaijani Turks.

Just as we have faced the disasters and difficulties experienced in the historical process together with our Azerbaijani brothers, from now on, we will continue to be together with the understanding of 'two states, one nation', in sorrow and pride.


The heroic personnel of our Turkish Armed Forces are also fighting with determination and determination at home and beyond the borders against all kinds of threats and dangers against our homeland and noble nation, inspired by our ancestors who showed all kinds of self-sacrifice, as in Sarıkamış today.

In this context, our borders are; It is protected with the understanding of 'border is honor' and with the most intense and effective measures in the history of our Republic.

Our fight against terrorism continues uninterruptedly with increasing violence and tempo against all terrorist organizations, especially FETO, PKK/PYD-YPG and DAESH.

Whoever supports the PKK and its Syrian branch, the YPG, is fighting until the last terrorist is neutralized, no matter who they get support from; We are determined to save our 84 million citizens from this scourge of terrorism.

In addition to our fight against terrorism, we are determined and determined to protect our rights, interests and interests in our seas and skies.

In addition, while supporting our friends, brothers and allies, especially Azerbaijan and Libya; We contribute to regional and world peace in Qatar, Somalia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and many other geographies within the scope of bilateral relations with NATO, UN, EU and OSCE missions.


Under the leadership of our Honorable President, Turkey, whose sphere of influence and interest has been expanding day by day, has today become a subject in international relations and has reached an effective power that has a say in its region and in the world.

Likewise, the Turkish Armed Forces has become one of the few armies of the world with its high-tech weapon systems produced by our domestic and national defense industry, as well as its qualified personnel.

Our noble nation, which protected its sovereignty and independence, its rights and laws at the cost of its life, despite all the negative conditions in the past; With its young and dynamic population, effective, deterrent and respected army, it strongly protects its rights and law today, as it did yesterday.

With the presence of our young people walking with the same conviction on these paths, on which their ancestors walked a century ago, our country is advancing to the future with much more confident steps.

On this occasion, I commemorate with gratitude and respect all our statesmen and commanders, from Sultan Alparslan to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who contributed to and contributed to these days and to this level in this land that has been our homeland for a thousand years.

All our martyrs, especially Sarıkamış martyrs; I once again commemorate our heroic veterans who have passed away to eternity, and offer my respect and gratitude to our surviving heroic veterans, and to the precious families of our martyrs and veterans. I would like to thank everyone, especially our Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Kasapoğlu and the members of the Ministry, who contributed to the organization of this meaningful program, and greet you once again with love and respect.

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