Mersin Metro Will Make Very Important Contributions To City Life

Mersin Metro Will Make Very Important Contributions To City Life
Mersin Metro Will Make Very Important Contributions To City Life

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department continued its transportation services in 13 districts from Tarsus to Anamur in 2021. Continuing to create a modern and regular transportation network with investments in transportation roads and traffic regulation in 2021 under the leadership of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, the Metropolitan also came to the last stage of the Metro project at the end of 2021 and the first excavation in the project was struck on January 3, 2022.

“Metro will make very important contributions to city life”

The tender for the Metro project, which will be implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality and evaluated as a vision project by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, was held in 2021. The foundation of the project, which is of great importance for Mersin, was laid with a magnificent ceremony on January 3, the 100th Anniversary of Mersin's Liberation from Enemy Occupation.

Stating that the project, consisting of 3 stages and a total of 34,9 kilometers, will make a very important contribution to the city life, Mayor Seçer said, “The metro is a very comfortable, very fast, very cheap public transportation model, but it has other important values ​​that it will add to the city. It will once connect the 4 districts of the city with the center. People with different socio-economic structures and different socio-cultural structures living in 4 central districts will also have the opportunity to reach other regions much more easily via the subway.

Mersin has also become the city of bicycles.

The Metropolitan Municipality accelerated its bicycle path works in 2021 in order to popularize bicycle transportation, which is a clean, comfortable and free transportation vehicle. Metropolitan teams completed the construction of a total of 2021 kilometers of bicycle paths in the center of Mersin in 50. Within the framework of the Transportation Master Plan, the Metropolitan Municipality aims to complete the 80-kilometer bicycle path between the Mezitli district Menderes District and the Akdeniz district Nusratiye District in the future.

Smart stops are at the service of citizens

The metropolitan city also made the stops in the city 'smart'. The smart stop screens include the line number, line name and information on how many minutes the vehicles will arrive. The information of when the buses will pass is calculated instantly and transferred to the stops online. Smart station systems work entirely with solar panels and the energy needed by the information screens is provided at the stops without mains electricity. The number of smart stops, which was 51, was increased to 2021 in 53. In addition, the fleet monitoring center and the system that allows instant monitoring of both stops and vehicles were installed.

In 2021, 10 “Multifunctional Concept Stops” were assembled. In addition, the Metropolitan teams installed 169 stops in the needed parts of the city.

The latitude and longitude (ID) information of 4 thousand 630 stops, which were counted by the Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Branch Directorate, were entered into the MAVİS system with their stop types and line routes.

356 buses are monitored with the Mobile NVR system

Metropolitan provides service with its fleet management center, which provides instant and historical tracking of all vehicles in its inventory, reduces fleet costs, ensures the safety of life and property of passengers and drivers, and saves fuel, public labor and time in vehicles with advanced reporting facilities. There is a remote control system (Mobile NVR) in 7 buses of the Metropolitan Municipality.

"Yellow Lemons" in Public Transport

A total of 87 environmentally friendly buses running on CNG fuel, named "Yellow Lemon" by the Metropolitan Municipality, provided the transportation of citizens throughout 2021. In line with the demand from the citizens by the Public Transport Branch of the Department of Transportation, the vehicles were increased on the busy lines. In 2021, citizens got on the municipal buses 18 million 829 thousand 565 times. In addition, 62 thousand 419 personalized card printing records were received.

Metropolitan Municipality switched to Mersin 2021 Card system in 33. In order not to endanger the health of citizens in the offices during the pandemic process, the 'online card application system' was activated. In February 2021, Mersin 33 Card office was put into operation on the ground floor of the old Mezitli Municipality building.

In addition to Kentkart liaison offices, the Metropolitan has also activated the Mobile Service Tool so that citizens can easily perform their transactions and avoid congestion. Kentkart Mobile Service Vehicle, which brings the Kentkart service to the citizens' feet, was positioned in different districts according to the program and need.

Hygiene is at the forefront in transportation

Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Branch Directorate teams distributed 26 thousand 500 masks and 10 thousand 202 liters of hand disinfectant to citizens in public transport vehicles during the fight against the pandemic. In 2021, 32 thousand 120 disinfection works and 96 thousand 75 detailed cleaning works were carried out in the Metropolitan Municipality buses.

Studies have been carried out to improve urban traffic

Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Services Branch Directorate teams continued the maintenance and repair works of the junction with 2021 signaling facilities in the area of ​​responsibility in 259. The teams activated the signaling system at 9 uncontrolled intersections.

In 2021, 11 thousand 36 standard traffic sign boards were installed on the roads in the metropolitan's area of ​​responsibility and 13 thousand standard traffic sign boards were installed in the district centers. The teams carried out 138 thousand 67 square meters of road line (horizontal marking) work and 5 thousand 957 square meters of pedestrian crossing drawings throughout the city. In addition, 7 thousand 745 square meters of school and pedestrian crossings were drawn within the scope of drawing school and pedestrian crossings in front of the schools.

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