Izmir Solidarity Against Increasing Poverty

Izmir Solidarity Against Increasing Poverty
Izmir Solidarity Against Increasing Poverty

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is reviving the Izmir Solidarity, which it started during the pandemic and earthquake process, due to the increasingly heavy living conditions. President Tunç Soyer called on all Izmir residents to be a part of Izmir Solidarity and said, “We will build an Izmir together where poverty does not haunt any house. We are hopeful, good days are near,” he said.

In line with the social municipality vision of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, Izmir Solidarity is being launched again against the deepening economic crisis. Continuing to stand by the citizens for all basic needs, from food to cash aid, from clothing to heating, within the scope of the winter winter supports, the Metropolitan Municipality is activating the Izmir Solidarity, which it started during the pandemic and earthquake, with the slogan "Izmir needs you" this time. With the campaign, it is aimed to increase the support for the citizens of Izmir, who feel the winter more and more every day.

President Soyer: First we will put out the fire in the kitchen

Announcing the Izmir Solidarity on his social media accounts, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “We have endured many pains together in the past two and a half years. We experienced a very strong earthquake, we suffered losses, we mourned. We fought the economic crisis on the one hand and the epidemic on the other. Despite everything, we stood together and overcame all difficulties together. Now together again; it will be one punch, we will lift the part. Together, we will build an Izmir where poverty does not haunt any house," he said. President Soyer emphasized that they have established a solidarity network that will set an example for Turkey, and continued as follows: “First we will put out the fire in the kitchen. For this purpose, we are taking the first step of our solidarity with our Food Package Campaign. I invite all Izmir residents to be a part of this solidarity. We are hopeful, good days are near.”

How do I support?

In order to join the Izmir Solidarity, you can go to the bizizmir.com website and buy the 185 lira "Food Package" and the 65 lira "Hygiene Package" in any amount you want through the People's Grocery. The Food Package consists of one liter of sunflower oil, one kilogram of rice, bulgur, chickpeas, flour, tea and sugar, 500 grams of black olives, two packages of 500 grams of pasta, 750 grams of salt, and two packages of 65 grams of instant soup. The Hygiene Package includes a toothbrush, 50 ml toothpaste, 7 packs of sanitary pads, 5 packs of 60 g soap, 50 ml of cologne, 500 ml of shampoo, and 20 cc hand cream. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will deliver these packages to families who have applied for assistance, who really need support and whose social examination has been completed. As in previous solidarity campaigns, the hand that gives will not see the hand that takes.

İzmir came to the fore with its social work practices

In order to operate as social service centers in 2021, the Metropolitan Municipality, which determined the regions where poverty is intense and established 7 Bizİzmir Solidarity Points in the first place, Mobile Kitchen with the capacity to produce hot meals for three thousand people per day, Bizİzmir Clothing Point opened in Üçyol and 170 in İzmir. He carried out important social service practices with the Garment Bus going to the village. Metropolitan Municipality opened the Winter Winter Support Line in 2021 and provided 27 million liras of aid for all basic needs from food to cash aid, from clothing to heating. In addition to the Winter Winter Support Line, applications continue to be received via bizizmir.com.

Providing financial support of 80 million liras to citizens in need last year, the Metropolitan Municipality knocked on the door of 300 thousand different households for all kinds of support and helped these households 2 million times. 251 thousand food and 127 thousand hygiene packages were delivered. 1 liters of milk aid, which is provided to children aged 5-8 once a month, was increased to 2021 thousand children in 30 districts in 159. Hot meals for 2 million people were produced in the soup kitchen.

Providing over 24 million lira stationery support to over 3 thousand primary and secondary school students, the Metropolitan Municipality delivered boots and coats to 20 thousand students. Educational support of approximately 5 million 541 thousand liras was prepared for 400 thousand 3 university students, 200 lira per month, from 17 thousand 732 lira for eight months. Again, soup stops at six points and hot food points at four different places were created for university students.

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