İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Increases Social Support Against Deepening Poverty

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Increases Social Support Against Deepening Poverty

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Increases Social Support Against Deepening Poverty

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn line with the 's vision of social municipality, 2021 was once again the "year of solidarity". İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which provides 80 million liras of cash support to citizens in need in a year, has purchased more than 101 million liras from cooperatives, including milk producers, for its activities. In 2021, important applications such as Winter Winter Support Line, Bizİzmir Solidarity Point, Mobile Kitchen, Garment Bus and Dress Point were also signed.

Despite the economic crisis and the ongoing pandemic conditions for two years, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continued to increase its social assistance in 2021. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn line with the 's social municipality vision, citizens in need in the city, from food to heating, from clothing to shelter, were not forgotten. The Department of Social Services allocated 400 million lira of its total budget of nearly 80 million lira to cash aid. More than 101 million purchases were made from cooperatives, including milk producers, for social service activities. Metropolitan also signed important social support applications such as Winter Winter Support Line, Bizİzmir Solidarity Point, Mobile Kitchen, Clothes Bus and Dress Point.

12 million liters of milk distributed

In 2021, 300 thousand different households were knocked on for all kinds of support, and these households were helped 2 million times. A total of 149 thousand food and 251 thousand hygiene packages were delivered to 127 thousand households. A significant part of the products in the packages were procured from the cooperatives and support was provided to the producer. This year, 1 liters of milk aid for children aged 5-8 was increased to 30 thousand children in 159 districts this year, and a total of 12 million liters of milk was distributed. In 2021, more than 101 million products were purchased from cooperatives, including milk producers. Hot meals for 2 million people were produced in the soup kitchen. In 2021, the Mobile Kitchen service, which has the capacity to produce hot meals for three thousand people per day, was launched. In the Mobile Kitchen, which made its first out-of-town expedition to the fire zone in Muğla, meals were served for approximately 19 thousand people. In addition, food was distributed to 202 thousand people at four points with catering vehicles.

Solidarity points created

The Metropolitan Municipality, which established 7 Bizİzmir Solidarity Points in the first place by determining the regions where poverty is intense in order to operate as social service centers, produced hot meals for a total of 616 thousand people at these points. In addition, 200 tons of potatoes, 47 thousand kilograms of apples, 46 thousand artichokes, 66 thousand kilograms of cucumbers were purchased from the producers whose products remained in the field. 65 grams of roasting and canned bone broth was delivered to more than 3 households over the age of 800 in need. 170 pieces of clothing were supported by Bizİzmir Clothing Point, which was put into service in Üçyol, and the Garment Bus that goes to 105 villages in İzmir.

Hotline is open

The Metropolitan Municipality, which also prepared the Winter Winter Support Package, provided 27 million liras for all basic needs from food to cash aid, from clothing to heating. In addition to the Winter Winter Support Line, the Metropolitan continues to receive applications through bizizmir.com.

Including the pandemic, flood and earthquake processes, 63 million liras of cash aid was given to more than 80 thousand citizens, including coffee shops, canteens, amateur sports club trainers, cereal sellers, florists, corn sellers and musicians. Stove and fuel needs of 705 households, diapers and food for approximately 11 thousand households, and household goods for 231 households were met.

Educational support has been increased

Providing over 24 million lira stationery support to over 3 thousand primary and secondary school students, the Metropolitan Municipality also supported 205 stationery shopkeepers with this project. Boots and coats were delivered to 20 thousand students. Educational support of approximately 5 million 541 thousand lira was prepared for 400 thousand 3 university students, 200 lira per month, from 17 thousand 732 lira for eight months. Again, soup stops were created at six points and soup was distributed to 40 thousand people. A hot meal point was created in two different universities. In the coming days, hot meals will be delivered to Katip Çelebi University and IZTECH campuses.
Welcoming 776 homeless citizens in its guesthouse, the Metropolitan started a new practice this year and provided baths and barber services to 483 people.

Over 36 million rental support for earthquake victims

After the earthquake, more than 5 thousand families were provided with rent support of more than 36 million liras with the municipal budget. Nearly 5 household items were delivered to 9 earthquake-affected households who settled in a new house and needed furniture. More than 5 food packages and nearly 145 thousand hygiene packages were donated. XNUMX tons of humanitarian aid materials were delivered to the region where many fire and flood disasters were experienced, including the provinces of Muğla, Antalya, Adana, Aydın, Denizli, Artvin, Van, Kastamonu, Sinop, Bartın and Giresun.

Support for celiac and phenylketonuria patients

Distributing more than 4 thousand special food packages to celiac and phenylketonuria patients, the Metropolitan delivered 611 thousand pita and buttermilk to citizens with funerals, and condolence packages to 5 thousand funeral homes. Metropolitan teams, which distributed the iftar meal for 414 people in Ramadan, going from door to door, provided hot food support for approximately 19 thousand people, including those in quarantine, to Covid-18 patients. 428 medical supplies, including battery powered and manual chairs, were distributed to disabled citizens and 110 diapers were distributed to citizens in need.

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