Young Chefs of IMM Returned to the Kitchen with 11 Medals

Young Chefs of IMM Returned to the Kitchen with 11 Medals

Young Chefs of IMM Returned to the Kitchen with 11 Medals

IMM stormed at the 18th International Istanbul Kitchen Days organized by the Turkish Cooks and Chefs Federation (TAŞFED). İBB cooks won a total of 11 medals, including five gold, five silver and one bronze.

Young chefs of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) made their mark at the International Istanbul Culinary Days, which is seen as the most important gastronomy competition in Turkey. 32 chefs from 960 countries showcased their skills. The jury of 120 domestic and foreign chefs chose the best of the world cuisine. As a result of the evaluations, Mehmet Yusuf Bilmez won the gold medal in the "Golden Young Chef of the Year" category with his stuffed zucchini flowers, spinach cake, foie gras cutlet and zucchini kadayif dessert with currant sauce.


Other young chefs who won the gold medal won with the following dishes: Fatih Talha Celep with Honey Molasses Chops in the 'Main Course' category; Burak Karabıçak in Fish category with Sea Bass Wrapped with Black Bean; Batuhan Aydın with Gorgonzola Sauce Tenderloin Baked in Goose Fat in the category; Burak Çevik brought the gold medal to the IMM kitchen with the Tenderloin made with Couscous Balls.


Creative dishes of IMM's young chefs were awarded a bronze medal. Sefa Arslan cooked in the 'Main Course' category, with Cereal Steak Fillet with Roquefort Sauce; Mustafa Samet Demirci In the 'Fish' category, Sea Bass with Avocado and Mustard Sauce; Furkan Çakır with Turmeric Sauce Sea Bass; Abdülsamet Kılıç with Hunter's Wrap in the 'Main Course' category; Lastly, Yasin Beytullah Saraycıklı was awarded the silver medal in the 'Fish' category with his 'Kadayıf Stuffed Sea Bass'.

In the 'Fish' category, Ömer Eroğlu won the bronze medal with Morel Mushroom Sea Bass.


The organization, which is Turkey's largest gastronomy competition and festival, has been held for 17 years. It takes place in cooperation with the World Cooks Association (WACS) and welcomes the gastronomy world at an international level in our country. International Istanbul Culinary Days, which received the title of "Continental" by the World Cooks Association (WACS) with successful organizations in the past, provides the opportunity for student and young chefs of our country to compete at an international level. The master chefs of the world, who both compete and have the opportunity to visit our country, are hosted with colorful organizations. Bringing great value to our country in terms of tourism, International Istanbul Culinary Days brings new chefs to the Turkish and world gastronomy culture, and acts as a bridge for Turkish cuisine to be better known in the world.

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