IMM Fights Snow on the Field with 7421 Personnel and 1582 Vehicles

IMM Fights Snow on the Field with 7421 Personnel and 1582 Vehicles
IMM Fights Snow on the Field with 7421 Personnel and 1582 Vehicles

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluwatched the fight against snowfall in megacity Istanbul at AKOM. İmamoğlu, who watched the traffic flow in the main arteries of the city live from the cameras, received information about the works from his staff. Stating that IMM was fighting on the field with 7421 personnel and 1582 vehicles, İmamoğlu offered his special thanks to the people of Istanbul who did not go out to traffic, taking into account the warnings. Stating that they hosted 1385 citizens, whom they identified as living on the street, in İBB accommodation areas and hotels, İmamoğlu shared that they also distribute over 500 tons of food for street creatures at 2000 different points. İmamoğlu, who made field visits at critical points in the city, called his colleagues over the radio and wished them success.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, followed the fight against snowfall, which was effective in the city, from the Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) in Eyüpsultan. Accompanied by İBB Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar, his assistants Arif Gürkan Alpay and Murat Yazıcı, İmamoğlu received information about the work from his staff and representatives of relevant institutions. Imamoglu shared Istanbul's struggle with snow with his fellow countrymen on live broadcast. Mentioning Fatma Girik, one of the symbolic names of Turkish cinema, at the beginning of her speech, İmamoğlu said, “First of all, we would like to share our sadness with the news we received during our work here. The precious name of Turkish cinema, Fatma Girik, unfortunately passed away. My condolences to the Turkish art community and the cinema community. God have mercy. He was a very valuable face of our cinema, a very valuable artist," he said.


Stating that they have been following the snow-related process since last week, İmamoğlu said, "With the rains coming from Friday, my friends are detecting snow thickness between 8-15 centimeters in our city center," he said. Noting that snowfall affects local areas from time to time, İmamoğlu said, "With this aspect, we follow the process very effectively in our city center, in our city center." Expressing that the snow thickness has increased up to 25 centimeters in rural areas, İmamoğlu shared the information that the cold air wave will continue throughout the week. Stating that they continue to work as İBB without the concept of overtime, İmamoğlu said, “We continue our struggle with our 1.582 vehicles and 7.421 personnel throughout Istanbul. And by using more than 35 thousand tons of salt, our friends continue to clean our roads effectively at the point of being usable.”


Adding the information that they distribute over 500 tons of food at 2000 different points for street creatures, İmamoğlu stated that they carry out all of their work in coordination with the Governorship of Istanbul. Saying, "We are in contact with all public institutions and 39 district municipalities, especially salt," said Mr. Ali Yerlikaya, by talking with our Governor, and added: I would like to express that we continue to work effectively on 'how we will be coordinated' by making instant determinations with the team established by our governor in AFAD, which is also in contact with other public institutions and organizations of our state. In this respect, on behalf of the people of Istanbul, I would like to thank both our Honorable Governor and the relevant and officials of all public institutions and organizations.”


Expressing his thanks to the people of Istanbul for taking the warnings into account, İmamoğlu said, "I think we are experiencing the best response to the healthy dialogue we have established with Istanbulites since the very beginning, during this snowfall." Reminding that all institutions of the state and IMM are on the alert at the point of urgent needs, İmamoğlu said, “None of our citizens should feel lonely when they feel their urgent need. We will continue to be with them 7/24. Just like our sensitivity to our citizens, whom we have identified as living on the street. So far, we have hosted and will continue to host 1385 citizens, whom we have identified as living on the street, during this snow. There are reports we receive. Or it is the observations of our teams. We are definitely going there. By convincing our citizens, by placing them in our own accommodation areas and in some hotels, we see some of their needs and show our sensitivity to ensure that they stay there in a warm environment.


Expressing his thanks to everyone and public institutions who contributed to this process, İmamoğlu said:

“We manage a large megapolis. We manage a city of almost 20 million people. I also owe the same thanks to our citizens who are harmonious, cooperative, and attentive to warnings in such a city. I hope that after these 3-4 days, without experiencing any events that bother us, without seeing any sight that upsets us - there may be a small part of mistakes, deficiencies, please forgive us, but do not hesitate to warn - without seeing these troubled situations, just at the end of the day, maybe this is the case. Towards the end of the week, I want us to spend a beautiful week together, in which we increase the occupancy of our dams to 75-80% and experience the abundance of snow in our city and on our lands. I advise children to read and read a lot of books while they are on holiday. We especially invite our children and young people to our libraries.”


After the live broadcast, İmamoğlu went to the streets of Istanbul for snow control. Visiting critical points in Kağıthane Cendere Road and Beykoz Kavacık, İmamoğlu met with the teams that continue the snow fight on the field. Receiving information from the employees, İmamoğlu called his colleagues over the radio and wished them success.

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