The Heart of Health Tourism Will Beat with Medical in Turkey

The Heart of Health Tourism Will Beat with Medical in Turkey
The Heart of Health Tourism Will Beat with Medical in Turkey

📩 25/01/2022 16:53

A new era is beginning in health tourism, which is one of the popular sectors of the world and Turkey. With Medical in Turkey, which was developed in response to all the needs of Turkish health tourism, a new model for Turkish health tourism is also being adopted.

What is Medical in Turkey?

Medical in Turkey is an IGEME project working with the aim of spreading a sustainable working model in Turkish health tourism throughout Turkey. In cooperation with Turkey's leading Turkish health tourism stakeholders, Medical in Turkey continues its efforts to make Turkish health tourism a world brand.

Potential Great

Turkey is becoming more and more popular in the field of health tourism. It is predicted that the number of health tourists, which will exceed 2021 thousand in 400, will reach its peak in 2022. The number of trained people and high-capacity technological health institutions in Turkey are among the aspects that make Turkey stand out in this field.

Health tourism, which is one of the key sectors for an economic and sustainable development model, exceeded 2021 thousand dollars in 700. In order for Turkey to reveal this great potential it has, it needs to spread its understanding of quality and reliable service throughout Turkey.

Medical in Turkey, which works only with health institutions that have a health tourism authorization certificate issued by the TR: Ministry of Health, with the ethical principle in health tourism, plans to reveal the potential for Turkish health tourism by eliminating the problem of non-standardization of Turkish health tourism.

The Heart of Health Tourism Will Beat with Medical in Turkey

Medical in Turkey, which supports health tourism stakeholders in many areas such as digital marketing, target country determination, bringing patients from abroad, and conducting market research, will be at the heart of Turkish health tourism in 2022.

Medical in Turkey has been designed with the aim of eliminating many problems of health tourism such as communication, mobility, trust, service and collection. Sustainability in health tourism will be ensured with the project, which will focus on target countries such as the Netherlands, Italy and England, which are determined as a result of detailed analyzes.

Bilge Fatma Işık, General Manager of Medical in Turkey, said in a statement; Medical in Turkey is a project designed as a result of many years of experience. While we, as an institution, try to provide the best health service for our patients coming from abroad, we also provide our Turkish health tourism stakeholders the opportunity to express themselves in the sector. In this new period we are in, health tourism will rise together with Medical in Turkey and its business partners.'' He said.

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