Games You Can Play as a Family at Home

Games You Can Play as a Family at Home
Games You Can Play as a Family at Home

You may need to get away from the TV and phone and have some fun on weekends, holidays, and evenings spent alone with your family. At such times, the games that can be played at home strengthen the communication within the family by ensuring that both children and adults have fun. Here are some fun game suggestions you can play with your family…

Silent cinema

The first game that can come to mind in the list of games to be played with the family at home is silent cinema. The silent cinema, known to almost everyone, is played in two teams with an equal number of actors. In silent cinema, actors tell their teammates about a movie, TV series, book or anything else chosen by the other team, using body language without making any noise. The team with the most correct guesses wins the game. kazanIR.

Tell by Drawing

In this game, the gameplay and rules of which are almost the same as the Silent Cinema, the players must tell their teammates about the movie, series or book they are told without speaking. Unlike the Silent Cinema, the actors try to explain the names given to them by drawing them on a large piece of paper or on a blackboard, not with their body language. The team with the highest score is the winner of this fun game. kazanbecomes a moment.

Name City Animal

Games that can be played at home may not offer many options for large families. But the Name City Animal game, which can only be played with the help of pen and paper, is also ideal for large families. Name City Animal is one of the most enjoyable games that can be played with literate children. In each round of the game, a letter is selected and players must write examples starting with this letter under categories such as name, city, animal, plant, and item. Answers given by more than one player under the same category receive 5 points, and original answers receive 10 points. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.​ ​

From ear to ear

Get ready for a game with lots of laughter. In the word-of-mouth game, which is ideal especially for large families to have fun, the players line up in a row. The player at the head of the line whispers a sentence once in the ear of the person next to him. Then the next ones transfer this sentence to the person next to them. The round ends with the last player saying the sentence out loud. Although the aim of the game is to convey the sentence correctly from beginning to end, the real fun is when the player at the end says an unrelated sentence aloud.


Another classic game you can play at home is the tap-guess game. When you remove the sight, can you know what you have just by touching it? This game is ideal to give you this experience. In the game, blindfolded and unable to see anything, the player is given any object and is asked to guess what it is just by touching it. The player with the most correct guesses kazanbecomes a moment.

Who am I?

Among the games that can be played with the family at home, one of the options that guarantees laughter, Who Am I? All you need is sticky notes and a pen. At the beginning of the game, a famous name for each player is written on the cards. The players do not see the names written on the sticky notes and stick the selected papers on their foreheads. The next player tries to guess who the celebrity is, whose name is written on the paper on his forehead, by asking questions to the other players with only “yes” or “no” answers.

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