Game Development Winter Camp Started in IT Valley

Game Development Winter Camp Started in IT Valley
Game Development Winter Camp Started in IT Valley

There is great interest in the camps organized by Bilişim Vadisi DIGIAGE, Digital Animation and Game Center for all entrepreneurs who want to develop games. A total of 23 entrepreneurs from 22 teams from 32 provinces participated in the OG'20 DIGIAGE Winter Camp, which started on January 165. A selection was made from around 200 applications to the camp, which had more than 1500 physical participation, together with the organization and mentor teams.

In this camp, where there are more than 900 online participations as well as physical participation, we will collectively contribute to the game development ecosystem of Turkey in the national and global arena. kazanç will be provided. The camp, which continues intensively in the IT Valley, will be completed on January 29 with the presentation of the digital games produced on the day to the investors and supporters.


Informatics Valley, which brings together all the pieces of the puzzle within the game development ecosystem, gathers game developers, software developers and designers under one roof with the DIGIAGE Game Camp it organizes. Game developers, who have the chance to receive support from academics and important representatives of the industry participating in the camp from abroad with the help of digital platforms, can also present the games they have started to develop as a team, without any theme restrictions.


Informatics Valley DIGIAGE Director Emre Yıldız stated that they focused on human resources, investment processes, commercialization and marketing at the camp and said, “Our center helps to create a roadmap for the future of the industry with such events it organizes. It provides the basis for maximizing public-private support for education, team building, investment and commercialization of games for the ecosystem.” said.


Emphasizing that they attach great importance to easily accessible education in this field, Yıldız said, “Game Start-Up Accounting, Game Start-Up Law, Game Start-Up Incentives and access to finance are our main focuses. Apart from these, we aim to eliminate the problem of accessing technology with both office facilities and computer laboratories with the incubation center we have established in the IT Valley.” he said.


Noting that Bilişim Vadisi Venture Capital Investment Fund will also invest in game entrepreneurs, Yıldız said, “We are making a call for all game developers in Turkey. We have also made a call to all game and mobile application companies that have developed their games, have income and have the potential to become global. This is Turkey's Informatics Valley, there is an opportunity and opportunity for everyone.” said.

SINCE 2019

Informatics Valley, Turkey's rightful positioning in the rapidly growing digital game field in the world, finding an interlocutor at the will of the state for young people who are developing in this field, determining the development processes suitable for the needs of the sector, the game economy that reaches hundreds of billions of dollars and grows day by day, is what Turkey deserves. It has been organizing game development camps since 2019 in order to get its share. Many firsts were achieved for Turkey in the camps held together with the Digital Turkish Games Platform DiTOP in the Future with Games organization. In the camps that bring together the cinema, animation and game sectors, thousands of young university students made their career choices in favor of digital content production and started to produce for the creative culture industries.


The process, which started with the game development camps, led to the emergence of the DIGIAGE brand under the umbrella of Bilişim Vadisi with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Thanks to the camps, hundreds of young people found employment in the sector, while the new game studios and the ecosystem created new actors. kazanwas. More than 5 thousand young people have participated in 10 camps organized so far. Thanks to the camps, more than 50 studios were established.

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