Flamingo Nature Park is Established in Mavişehir

Flamingo Nature Park is Established in Mavişehir
Flamingo Nature Park is Established in Mavişehir

📩 26/01/2022 15:27

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerAnother of the 35 Living Parks promised by 's election campaign is being implemented in Mavişehir. As part of the project to include the Gediz Delta on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the Mavişehir coast will be transformed into a Flamingo Nature Park. The Metropolitan Municipality will go out to tender for the construction of the Flamingo Nature Park in the coming months.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerOne of the important links of 35 Living Park project, which is among the election promises of . Having completed the Mavişehir Coastal Rehabilitation Project, which ended the floods in Mavişehir, with an investment of 37 million liras, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is now preparing to establish the Flamingo Nature Park, which will be the city's Life Park, in this area. The Flamingo Nature Park, which will be established on a 1,3-kilometer coastal area that starts from the Bostanlı Fisherman's Sanctuary and encompasses the Blue Island region to the north, will create new habitats for the bird population in the region, enable the citizens to integrate with nature and observe bird species closely. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will go out to tender for the construction of the park in the coming months.

Nature will be a part of city life

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyeremphasized that it is one of the main duties of local governments to produce and implement policies on nature. Stating that they will spread the 35 Living Park throughout the province, starting from the Meles Valley, Gediz Delta, Yamanlar Mountain, Flamingo Nature Park and Olivelo Area on the Peninsula, Soyer said, “Our work on the Olivelo Ecological Life Park continues. We are establishing our Flamingo Nature Park in Mavişehir, which is the starting point of the delta where we made an official application to be included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list. Gediz Delta and Flamingo Nature Park are one of the focal points of the Living Parks project. We will create a corridor from here to Gediz. This natural heritage, which is home to thousands of living species and right next to the city, will now be a part of city life.

Nature classroom within the sea

With the Flamingo Nature Park, which will be realized on an area of ​​175 thousand 500 square meters within the scope of the project to include the Gediz Delta on the UNESCO World Heritage list, it is aimed that the citizens will have knowledge about the Gediz Delta and have a conservation-utilization awareness by experiencing this region. The saltwater wetlands that form the natural texture of the area behind the coastal fortification built within the scope of the Mavişehir Coastal Rehabilitation Project will be reconstructed in a controlled manner within the scope of the park project. In the park, a 1,1 kilometer bicycle path, a visitor center, a nature classroom in the sea, wooden platforms, salty wetland plains, 3 bird watching towers, 10 viewing binoculars, bird perches, amphitheater descending into the sea, tamarisk amphitheater with tamarisk trees, and oleander trees will be found. There will be an iğdeli amphitheater, a buffet, an administrative office and a parking lot for 77 cars.

Discover birds with nature puzzles

The 3 square meter playground to be located in the Flamingo Nature Park will also have a nature puzzles section. The park, which will host bird species such as cormorants, terns, flamingos, and crested pelicans living in the delta, will also have models of these bird species in real sizes. Those who visit the park will have a pleasant time encountering both these bird species and their models. 700 thousand plants of 41 different species will be planted in the Flamingo Nature Park.

Playground for children

A playground will also be set up for children visiting the Flamingo Nature Park. In this area, children will be provided with information about the biological diversity, natural wealth and cultural heritage in the Gediz Delta, while raising awareness about their environment and raising awareness about the protection of nature through play. Local and natural materials will be used in the construction of the playground.

A bird watching unit was established in the Fishing Shelter

As part of the first phase of the project, the Flamingo Nature Park Information Point was established at the exit of the Bostanlı Fisherman's Shelter. There are 10 information boards in the shaded gathering and seating area. These panels will provide information on the formation of the Gediz Delta, the birds living in the region, the lagoons, coastal marshes, the biodiversity of the delta, fishing in the delta, reeds, Üçtepeler and fish. This unit will also be the meeting and starting point of bird watching activities throughout the delta.

In addition, a "Bird Watching Unit" was created inside the fisherman's shelter. In the unit where the shaded observation area and seating surfaces are located, there will be information boards about the Pelican, Seagull, Tern, Grebe, Cormorant, Flamingo and Sakarmeke species that can be observed in this region.

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