E-commerce and Pandemic Doping in Motorcycle Sales

E-commerce and Pandemic Doping in Motorcycle Sales
E-commerce and Pandemic Doping in Motorcycle Sales

In addition to the consumption habits transformed with the pandemic, people's search for healthy, safe and economical transportation alternatives and environmental sensitivities created a doping effect on motorcycle sales in 2021. A total of 241 motorcycles were sold throughout the year.

The motorcycle market continues to rise in line with the increasing e-commerce volume with the social effects of the pandemic and people's search for a healthier, safer, economical and individual transportation alternative. The market, which sold 2019 motorcycles in 154.627 and 2020 motorcycles in 208.466, achieved a significant growth with sales of 2021 units in 241.957. The motorcycle industry broke the sales record of all time with 2006 thousand in 373. The most preferred courier motorcycle in the market, which achieved a growth of 2021% in 1,16, was the Mati 125 model of Kanuni brand, which pioneered the formation of motorcycle culture in our country. It was stated that Kanuni's single price policy throughout the country and the payment facilities it offers are priority in the preference of couriers.

“The motorcycle market is one of the most open to development markets in Turkey…”

Ekrem Ata, Marketing Manager of Kuralkan, the manufacturer of the Kanuni brand, gave information on the subject and said, “The motorcycle market is one of the most open to development and growth markets in Turkey in terms of volume. The pandemic process we live in and the conjuncture we are in, first of all, caused an explosion in the field of e-commerce, and the most important actors of e-commerce were motorcycle couriers. However, the pandemic has led people to a serious search for healthy, safe, economical and individual transportation vehicles. At this point, of course, the first means of transportation that came to mind were motorcycles. Finally, the new generation, which has a much higher environmental sensitivity than previous generations and wants to move freely, especially in transportation, also played an important role in the increase in motorcycle sales. With all these effects, the registration figure, which was 2021 in the first six months of 118, reached 656 at the end of the year. We expect motorcycle sales, which completed the year with a significant increase, to continue to rise with a similar momentum in 241 and approach the record levels of 957.”

The primary choice of couriers with a single price policy and ease of payment

Ekrem Ata said, “In the market that has grown by 2 percent in the last 1,56 years, the Kanuni Mati 125 model has become the favorite of motorcycle couriers, whose loads have increased even more with the pandemic, and who work to deliver all orders to their owners quickly. In this period when e-commerce volume reached record levels, we managed to be the biggest supporter of couriers. Kanuni Mati 125 has become the primary choice of couriers thanks to its superior quality, iconic design, widespread dealer and service network, convenient payment terms, online sales alternative and single price policy all over Turkey. Our model, which offers a dynamic and powerful driving experience, also allows to travel long distances with less fuel.”

motorcycle with a term of up to 60 months

Ekrem Ata continued his words as follows: “With the pandemic, the burden of our motorcycle couriers who work day and night to deliver everything we need to us safely and on time has increased even more. 12 installments on credit cards or 60 months in promissory notes, superior security measures, quality understanding and a single price policy supported the rise of Kanuni Mati 125. As Kuralkan Bilişim Otomotiv Sanayi, we will continue to dominate the market and grow on a sustainable basis by touching not only motorcycle couriers but also everyone from every profession and socioeconomic group who are open to making motorcycles a way of life, with different models of our Kanuni brand.”

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