Coronavirus Can Cause Hearing Loss

Coronavirus Can Cause Hearing Loss
Coronavirus Can Cause Hearing Loss

Covid-19 continues to affect many countries, including Turkey. May Hearing Aids Specialists said that coronovirus can cause hearing loss as well as symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, joint pain, loss of taste and smell.

The Coronavirus (COVID-2019), which emerged in China for the first time in 19 and was declared an "International Pandemic" by the World Health Organization, continues to be effective. Covid-19, which commonly occurs with complaints such as fever, cough, fatigue, joint pain, loss of taste and smell, as well as acute respiratory diseases, can also trigger hearing loss disorders. May Hearing Aids Specialists said that hearing loss caused by viral infection can occur in both ears or in one ear. Experts say, “Hearing loss can be congenital or it can occur later depending on some factors. Age factor, prolonged exposure to loud noise, acoustic traumas, bacterial or viral infections are among the main causes of hearing loss. Cases in which Covid-19, which is a viral infection that affects the whole world and causes hearing loss, have begun to be observed worldwide.

First case of hearing loss reported from Taiwan

May Hearing Aids Specialists said that as a result of worldwide studies, the complaints of sudden hearing loss in Covid-19 patients have increased. Experts stated that in a case encountered in Taiwan, the first case of hearing loss was reported with Covid-19. Experts said, “In a 19-year-old female patient, Covid-2 symptoms improved in about XNUMX weeks with respiratory therapy, but sudden hearing loss did not improve. Although the exact causes of hearing loss are not known; It is thought that it may occur as a result of the deterioration of blood circulation in the body, blockages in the vessels feeding the ear area, and direct infection of the auditory nerve with the virus.

Increase in hearing test intensity

Experts also stated that there has been an increase in Tinnitus (Tinnitus) complaints with Covid-19, and therefore, it is very important to detect hearing loss that may occur in Covid-19 patients early and to support these patients with hearing aids when necessary. The experts continued their words as follows: “During the Covid-19 process, the demand for hearing tests in our branches has increased remarkably in this process. When the patient's process from the first moment he started to experience hearing loss was listened to by experts, it was concluded that patients should be supported with a hearing aid. Hearing tests are also carried out at May Hearing Devices branches, and it is recommended that patients who develop hearing loss due to Covid-19 disease should be examined by an ENT specialist as soon as possible.

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