Citroen Continued Its Growth in 2021

Citroen Continued Its Growth in 2021
Citroen Continued Its Growth in 2021

Citroën, which has become a reference in terms of comfort, continued its growth success in 2019 and 2020. Reaching a 2021% growth figure in the Turkish automotive market, which contracted by 4,6% in 5 compared to the previous year, Citroën increased its sales in both passenger and commercial vehicle segments with its strong product range. Offering a unique SUV experience, C3 Aircross managed to increase its sales by 25%. The C4, which was launched last year and made a sound with its bold design, became the third-hand model in its segment with only 6 months of sales. Citroën's light commercial vehicle models equipped with efficient and economical engines also had an important place in this great success. Citroën Turkey General Manager Selen Alkım said, “We are proud to achieve a successful result in a declining market by achieving 2021% growth in 28.771 with a total sales of 5 units. We rose to 9th place in the ranking of brands in the Turkish automotive market. It was very important for us to maintain the growth trend we have achieved in the last two years in 2021 as well. In addition to this growth trend in the Turkish market, we managed to rank 7th at the global level after European countries and China. Our goal is to continue this success story both in the Turkish market and globally in the coming periods," he said.

Citroën, one of the most rooted brands in the automotive world with its history of more than 100 years, succeeded in closing 2021 with growth figures by reflecting its global successes to the Turkish automotive market. The French giant, which made a name for itself in 2021 with its successes in both the passenger car and commercial vehicle segments, achieved a 5% growth figure in the Turkish automotive market compared to the previous year. In addition, Citroën Turkey, which has reached an important position in the world of Citroën with its successful graphic, ranked 7th in this field, right behind European markets and China.

“We have grown out of the shrinking market”

Citroën Turkey General Manager Selen Alkım emphasized that 2021 was a year of difficulties for the automotive industry and that the automotive market contracted as a result of the negative effects created by the problems in the supply chain, especially with the chip crisis. We closed the year by approaching the level of 5 thousand units and continued the growth trend we have shown in the last two years. With this trend we caught, we ranked 29th in the ranking of brands in the Turkish automotive market. Behind this growth; We have a strategic product range, successful communication plans, a rapidly growing dealer network and the value we give to our customers. With the help of our strong dealer network, we succeed in touching the hearts of our customers and establishing a warm relationship with them, which has been the global goal of our brand from the very beginning. Inspired by our customers, we make them feel comfort not only with our models, but also with all the services we provide when they enter our showrooms.

Success with renewed models

Citroën left 2021 behind with significant successes in the passenger car segment. The French manufacturer has achieved growth with the C3 Aircross, which has been completely redesigned with its assertive design and increased comfort, and the C4, the embodiment of innovative technology that entered the market in the middle of last year. Among the models that contributed to the growth of the brand with a serious momentum in 2021, the sales of the C3 Aircross grew by 25% compared to the previous year, making it one of the biggest successes in this field. Although the new C4 entered the Turkish automotive market in the middle of 2021, it became the architect of a very important success. The model, which was sold only in a 6-month period and made a difference in its class, completed 2021 as the 3rd in its segment. In addition to these achievements, Citroën, which is among the brands that pioneered the evolution of the automotive industry into the world of mobility, once again emphasized the motto of “mobility for everyone” with Ami, which was launched in December.

Record growth in commercial vehicles

The brand's achievements and growth over the past year have not been limited to passenger cars alone. Citroën, which closed the year with a record growth in commercial vehicle sales, continued its success in this area as well. While the Berlingo Van model has doubled its growth compared to 2020, the Jumpy 8+1 model has grown 3 times compared to the previous year. Citroën Jumpy Van, on the other hand, achieved a 2021% growth in 56 compared to the previous year. In addition to all these, the French manufacturer continued to crown its achievements with awards. Pioneering the transportation technologies of the future, Citroën was selected as the “Most Reputable Commercial Automotive Brand of the Year” by the public jury at The ONE Awards Integrated Marketing Awards organized in cooperation with Marketing Turkey and market research company Akademetre.

Turkey ranks 7th in the world of Citroën

Touching every aspect of mobility, Citroën also gained significant momentum on a global scale. In this momentum, Citroën Turkey has managed to maintain its very valuable position. As Citroën Turkey, it managed to rank 7th right behind the major European markets where the brand operates and China, and as the country with the highest sales figure in its own region, Citroën continued its development in all areas in Turkey.

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