35% of Çiğli Tram Line Completed

35% of Çiğli Tram Line Completed

35% of Çiğli Tram Line Completed

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerRail system investments continue in line with the sustainable transportation target of . The completion rate of Çiğli Tram, whose foundation was laid in February 2021, reached 35 percent. Çiğli Tramway will cost 1 billion 250 million liras together with the electric vehicles purchased.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which works in line with the goal of raising public transportation to the level of contemporary standards, continues to increase its rail system investments. The Çiğli Tram, the foundation of which was laid in February 2021, reached 11 percent in production in 35 months. So far, 7 kilometers of rails have been laid. Excavations have been completed on approximately 8 kilometers of the line. Karşıyaka The feet of the 500-meter connection bridge that will connect Çiğli to each other have been completed. In fact, the construction of 6 transformers that will provide energy continues.

Ergenekon: "We are starting the tests at the end of 2022"

Head of the Rail System Department, Mehmet Ergenekon, said, “We have passed a year on the Çiğli Tram. Our President Tunç SoyerOur Metropolitan Municipality gives great priority to rail system investments in line with the modern transportation vision of . We are at 85 percent in Narlıdere Metro and 35 percent in Çiğli Tram. We plan to finish the excavation work in the third quarter of this year. Work continues day and night. At some points, there are disruptions in traffic due to the works, we try to minimize them. At the end of this year, we aim to finish the Çiğli Tramway and to include it in public transportation by conducting its tests.”

Muhtar Erdogan: "It will make a great contribution to the district"

Speaking about the Çiğli Tram, Ataşehir Neighborhood Headman Nesrin Erdoğan said, “Today's biggest problem in cities is traffic density. Çiğli Tramway will reduce the traffic density in our region. It will be beneficial for environmental health, exhaust gas emissions will decrease. Noise pollution will be less. I think it will also contribute a lot to the economy. The works are progressing very fast. It is very smooth and works well. Hopefully it will be over as soon as possible."

The people are satisfied

Tolga Özkaner, who lives in Çiğli, said, “The arrival of the tram to Çiğli is a very important investment for our district. It is a very good thing that a tram arrives in a district where transportation opportunities are limited. There are definitely problems during the production, but it is not enjoyed without suffering. We will suffer until it is done, but then we will enjoy it. It's a good and worthwhile investment. I congratulate Izmir Metropolitan Municipality," he said. Mümin Bingül said, “This project is a very good one. It is also liked by the people of Çiğli. We will get on from Çiğli, go to the beach, cross the street, go to the market. It will be very comfortable,” he said.

Job opportunities for young engineers

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has signed an exemplary practice that will provide employment to young engineers and architects in the construction of Çiğli Tram. The Metropolitan Municipality added the condition of employing 12 new graduates from engineering and architecture departments in the construction of the project to the Çiğli Tram Construction Tender specification. Ceren Gizem Sarıtaş, a graduate of İzmir High Technology University Civil Engineer, said, “I am thinking of progressing in the academic field. Working on this project, we had the chance to see how things were progressing. We had the opportunity to combine theory with what we learned in the academic world. We learned the truth of the business in the field, we entered his kitchen.” Büşra Banu Öner, a graduate of Katip Çelebi University Geomatics Engineering, said, “It is a great advantage for us. I also worked in Narlıdere Metro. I was interested in rail system construction. I am very happy to work here. I am trying to improve myself, it will contribute a lot to me," he said.

1 billion 250 million lira investment

While a contract was signed for the purchase of 26 electric tram vehicles to be used on the Çiğli Tram, the investment amount for these vehicles was 750 million TL. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's total investment in Çiğli Tramway will reach 1 billion 250 million liras. The tram line, which will consist of 11 kilometers and 14 stations, is planned to be completed by the end of 2022. Cigli Tramway; It will breathe life into the region, relieve traffic, and facilitate access to hospitals, universities and industry in the region.

Tram lines increase to 33,6 kilometers

Karşıyaka The line, which will start from Cevreyolu Station, will be connected to Çiğli İstasyonaltı Mahallesi with the connection bridge. Approximately 500 meters of connecting bridge will cross the ring road and there will be pedestrian and bicycle paths as well as the tram line on the bridge. Most of the route was planned as a double line, passing through the middle medians of the existing streets and roads. Line route Karşıyaka Cevreyolu Station is planned to serve Ataşehir, Çiğli İstasyonaltı Mahallesi, Çiğli İZBAN Station, Çiğli Regional Training Hospital, Ata Industrial Zone, Katip Çelebi University and Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. also Karşıyaka During the construction of the tram, the Ataşehir-Mavişehir İZBAN connection, which cannot be made due to property problems, will be made within the framework of the construction of this line. After the start of the line, the length of the tram lines in Izmir Konak and Karşıyaka It will reach 33,6 kilometers.

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