Capital Flower Producers Are Smiling

Capital Flower Producers Are Smiling
Capital Flower Producers Are Smiling

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş implemented the "contractual production model", one of his promises before the election, in the Capital. ANFA General Directorate bought 1,5 million 7 thousand flowers in 750 years by making a purchase guaranteed contract with flower producers in Başkent. Within the scope of the production model that contributes to employment, 2022 million new flowers to be purchased in 18 will decorate the boulevards and streets of Başkent.

The promise of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş to flower producers before the election came to life with the 'contractual production model with purchase guarantee'.

Saying, "My biggest dream is to make the growers from Ankara rich," Yavaş supported the flower producers, including the local producers of Başkent, who had a difficult time during the pandemic process, with the contracted production model. ANFA General Directorate; started to meet the need for summer and winter flowers adorning parks, gardens and medians with the contracted production model it made with flower producers in Başkent.


1,5 million 33 thousand flowers were purchased with a purchase guaranteed contract signed by ANFA General Directorate with 7 flower producers in the last 750 years.

Aiming to revitalize the capital's economy and increase employment thanks to the new production model, ANFA General Directorate has provided financial support of 1 million TL to flower producers who have switched to contract farming model by purchasing flowers once in winter and twice in summer.

ANFA General Directorate, which plans to implement this model in 25 districts in the new year due to the high demand and made an agreement with the flower producers in Ayaş and Çubuk in the first place, aims to decorate the boulevards and streets of Başkent by purchasing 2022 million more flowers with the contract production model until the end of 18. aims.


Flower producers, who switched to the contracted production model, thanked Yavaş with the following words, who drew attention to the fact that the plants and trees brought from abroad for years have dried up because they are not suitable for the Ankara climate, and who stopped the import plant purchase in Ankara:

Veysel Çanatan (Anatolian Flower): “Our President Mansur had a promise to us before the election. We had meetings, he said there. He fulfilled his promise. God bless him. We give our seasonal flowers. Violet, ball velvet. We will do the same this year. It has made a great contribution economically. We used to work for contractors in the old administrations. Money kazanwe were breastfeeding. We were left with the choice of either giving them the flower or throwing the flowers away. They were tying us. We used to have to give our flowers to continue our business life here, but now one-to-one purchases are made. Mansur President and whoever contributed, on my own behalf and Karşıyaka Thank you very much on your behalf. It has taken hold of us. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality stood by us.”

Ayşe Aydın (As Çiçekcilik): "KarşıyakaI have been in the florist business for a long time. I saw this application on the social media of our President Mansur Yavaş. There was a call for Ankara's flower to be produced in Ankara. This created excitement for all of us. ANFA General Manager Yıldırım Özer came to us and said let's have production. Ankara's flower is now produced in Ankara. We are very happy with this application. Previously, these works were done by large companies, but small tradesmen like us could not. Its economic contribution is enormous. We started to renew our destroyed and damaged greenhouses. We increased employment. While we were employing 5 people, we started to work with 15-20 people. It was bread for many. Supporting domestic producers is important, Ankara is growing. The flowers grown here are already more productive for Ankara. I would like to thank Mansur Yavaş and Yıldırım Özer very much. I want this project to continue.”

Tahsin Yaşar (Ivy Floristry): “I am a tradesman who has been dealing with floristry in Ankara for years. I've been in this business for 21 years. We started giving our flowers by consulting this practice at ANFA General Directorate. We are very happy because of that. We have never made such an agreement with the Metropolitan Municipality before. Apart from its economic contribution, this practice encouraged us to produce. Previously, these flowers were coming from abroad, but now production has started in Ankara. This also makes us happy. Its economic contribution is great, the number of our personnel has increased.”

Faruk Davarcı (Merve Landscape): “My father has been doing this job for 30 years, and I work for him. We have never seen such support before. Thanks to our Mansur President's production contract with purchase guarantee, we have seen great economic contributions. We held meetings, the number of flowers was determined. There is also a contractual purchase guarantee. It has had great benefits. We would like to thank our President Mansur and ANFA employees.”

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