Bursa Metropolitan's SEYYAH Project Makes Disabled Citizens Smile

Bursa Metropolitan's SEYYAH Project Makes Disabled Citizens Smile
Bursa Metropolitan's SEYYAH Project Makes Disabled Citizens Smile

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out a policy of positive discrimination for disabled citizens in all its projects, goes to the feet of disabled citizens and repairs and maintains wheelchairs with the Continuous Accessible Road Assistance Services (SEYYAH) project that it has commissioned.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented projects that will carry Bursa to the future in every field from transportation to infrastructure, from historical heritage to the environment, on the other hand, continues to exhibit the best examples of social municipality. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has transformed public transportation vehicles into low-floor vehicles so that they can take part in all areas of social life, increased the number of battery-powered vehicle charging points and removed the burden on the shoulders of the citizens who use battery-powered vehicles with the vehicle maintenance and repair workshop, has now put the SEYYAH project into action. The Metropolitan Municipality, which carried out the repair and maintenance of wheelchairs for 2021 citizens in 885 at the Battery Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Workshop in Merinos Atatürk Congress and Culture Center (Merinos AKKM), now brings this service to the citizens as roadside assistance. Disabled citizens can use the road assistance service by calling the hotline 17 716 21 from 82 districts of Bursa. TRAVEL teams, who reached the address specified on the application in a short time, can repair and maintain the vehicle on site, and if there is damage that cannot be repaired, they bring the wheelchair to the workshop and do the necessary work.

“We remove all barriers”

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş announced the SEYYAH project, which will remove an important burden on the shoulders of disabled citizens, during his visit to 27-year-old Ayrin Erciyas, who has cerebral palsy. Expressing that wheelchairs are of vital importance for disabled individuals and that the repair and maintenance of these vehicles constitute a serious burden, President Aktaş said, “We were already repairing and maintaining vehicles for our disabled citizens living in socioeconomic poverty. In 2021, we met the needs of 373 disabled brothers, including 512 spare parts repair maintenance battery support and 885 set repair. We launched the SEYYAH project to ensure that our citizens' freedom of travel is not restricted and that they have easy access to repair services. We provide this service in our 17 districts. Our citizens who need repair and maintenance can benefit from this service by calling 716 21 82. Our only goal is to reduce the suffering of our disabled citizens and their families and to be a balm for their wounds. We continue to remove all obstacles in this direction.”

Incredibly involved

Birol Önkür, 2011, who was confined to a wheelchair as a result of a traffic accident in Bursa in 34, said that wheelchair repair and maintenance requires professionalism, so they cannot get service everywhere. Önkür, who stated that one of the important problems was solved thanks to the SEYYAH project of the Metropolitan Municipality, said, “Thanks to our friends, they come right away whenever we call. They are extremely concerned about us. They provide us with all kinds of convenience. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for this service," he said.

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